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Occupation:B.C.S Student
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My name is Conway

My hobbies are Sports and literature

Creating this user account is a requirement of my course Digital Learning Technologies at the Eastern Institute of Technology in Taradale NZ

Digital Learning Technologies

This wiki educator user profile Im creating is part of a practical assessment for one of the subjects Im am currently studying, Digital Learning Technologies

Assessed Activity 4.2 Media Wiki

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Wiki page on Educational Technology

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Creating a Linked

Creating a Linked in account is easy enough, just the usual registration and email verification then setting up your personal profile. LinkedIn allows you to join work related groups and offer your work details for those who may be searching for help in your field.

Uses of LinkedIn

  1. Create an online presence for your professional career
  2. Make yourself accessible to work offers
  3. Fast simple way to approach for the skills
  4. Quick easy way to find skills related profiles
  5. Standard and familiar format
  6. Your profile is all around situated for future trends (LinkedIn, n.d.)
  7. Showcase your abilities, learning, background including ventures you have taken or currently working on
  8. Find and reconnect with partners and schoolmates and underwrite or suggest each other
  9. Find out about different organizations through company pages on LinkedIn
  10. Find new open doors for coordinated effort, joint working, exploration, association and more (Colour My Learning, n.d.)
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: Discussion: LinkedIn

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Pedagogical Template

Here is an example reference of pedagogical templates. 1. Jara, M., & Mohamad, F. (n.d.). Pedagogical templates for e-learning. Retrieved from

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Pedagogical template

Example of pedagogical template is PDF for Pedagogical template for e-learning.


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