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Video Resources
Please download the L4C Learning Contract. Fax +1 604 775 8210 or email
Attention to Patricia Schlicht

Resources for L4C Online Workshops

L4C Videos

Nellie Deutsch (ED/CI)

Profile for facilitator on WikiEducator [?]
Nellie Deutsch (ED/CI)

Dr. Nellie Deutsch profile as a lifelong learner and instructor [?]
WikiEducator L4C: Creating an Account

WikiEducator Learning for Content free online workshop on how to use wiki skills to create Open Education Resource (OER) [?]
WikiEducator: Just Try It! Our Community will Support you

Join the WikiEducator L4C workshop. The workshop is being conducted online on Wikieducator. Please register for the free online workshop if you haven't already done so. Basic wiki skills and collaborative learning L4C workshop. [?]
WikiEducator and Kaltura

Collaborating with Kaltura by adding audio, video, and photos [?]
How to add to Personal Information Box

WikiEducator: An International Community for Open Education

WikiEducator: Basic Wiki Skills

Adding Images to WikiEducator [?]
WikiEducator Confirm Email Account

Walk through demonsration of e-mail confirmation in preferences. [?]

Wikieducator & Collabortative Learning

Online workshop on adding content to Wikieducator and collaborating with Educators and Learners around the World. [?]
Exploring Open Educational Resources (OER)

Exploring Open Educational Resources (OER) and how we can make them work for us FACILITATORS [?]
Learn for Content Free Online Workshop - EL4C27

Wikieducator as an OER

Wikieducator Workshop

A live online workshop on how to use Wikieducator [?]
Education4Peace on Wikieducator

You are invited to contribute to the development of curricula and instructional design on how to educate for world peace at http://www.wikieducator.org/Education4P [?]
Wikieducator L4C Day9 Live Online Session

Wikieducator L4C Day9 Live Online Session [?]

A tour of Wikieducator [?]
Wikieducator L4C

Wikieducator L4C Day 4 [?]
Wikieducator L4C day 5

LinksExternal and Internal Links LinksInternal Links - creating links to other pages within the wiki. Piped Links - giving links more descriptive names. External Links - linking to sites outside of the wiki. [?]
Wikieducator L4C Day 6 Images

Wikieducator L4C Day 6 Images [?]
Wikieducator L4C Basic Editing Day 3 Tutorial

Wikieducator L4C Basice Editing Day 3 Tutorial [?]
Wikieducator E-mail Notifications and Watchpages

A demonstration of e-mail notification of the watchpages on your list [?]
Create a book