Workshop on Folklore Fieldwork and Online Archiving with Wiki

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Workshop on Folklore Fieldwork and Online Archiving with Wiki

[ Peter Claus's Webpage at California State University, East Bay]

A Thematic Overview and Outline of Activities for the Month-long Fieldwork Course

Key Issues Addressed in this workshop

  • Reason for the production of Archives
  • A brief history of Public Archives in Colonized Cultures
  • Folklore Archives as Knowledge Bases
  • Archives and Communities
  • The Scope and Reach of Future Archives
  • The Contents of Archives
  • Collecting for Archives
  • Maintaining and Organizing Archives
  • Access to Archives
  • Online Archiving with Wiki
  • Archives and Community empowerment



  1. Archives as Knowledge bases by Peter Claus
  2. Representing Communities by M.D.Muthukumaraswamy
  3. Tension in the Ideas of Fieldwork, Research, Collection and Archives by Peter Claus
  4. Media Education for the Public by S.A.Krishnaiah
  5. Community-Centered Knowledge Bases as Wikis by M.D.Muthukumaraswamy
  6. Facilitating Folklore by S.A.Krishnaiah
  7. Introducing the Koti-Chennayya and the The Shri Brahma Baidarkala Samskritika Adhyayana Pratishtana by S.A. Krishnaiah
  8. Researching Koti-Chennayya by Vaman Nandavar
  9. Institutional Support for Folklore Communities by S.A.Krishnaiah and M.D.Muthukumaraswamy
  10. Translating Tulu into English: Koti-Chennayya by Shankar Narayana D. Poojary
  11. The NFSC's Projects as Community-Centered Knowledge Bases by M.D.Muthukumaraswamy
  12. Working with the Transgender Community by B.Jishamol
  13. Siri in the Finnish Project by Viveka Rai and Chinnappa Gowda
  14. Working with a Tuluva Gender Community: Film Screening and Discussion by Shashikala Gurpur and/or Shushma Moily
  15. Working with a Transgender Community: Film Screening and Discussion by B.Jishamol
  16. Foreign Researchers Doing Fieldwork by Peter Claus
  17. Assisting Foreign Scholar Doing Fieldwork by Chinnappa Gowda
  18. Assisting Foreign Scholar Doing Fieldwork by M.N. Venkatesha
  19. Assisting Foreign Scholar Doing Fieldwork by S.A.Krishnaiah
  20. The Basics of Database Cataloguing: How We Do It At The RRC by S.A.Krishnaiah
  21. Cataloguing Collections: How We Do It At The NFSC by B.Jishamol
  22. Representing the Larger Community by Peter Claus
  23. Archiving Siri Myths and Rituals and Koti-Chennayya as Knowledge Bases Representing Communities on the Web by Peter Claus
  24. WWW Wikis and the Local Community by M.D.Muthukumaraswamy

Group Discussions

  1. Everyday Schedule
  2. Basics of Fieldwork
  1. Post Fieldwork Archiving
  2. Panel Discussions

Fieldwork schedules and Assignments

Fieldwork I

Koti Chennaya Group

Visit Adi Udupi

Siri Group

Visit a "small" Siri Shrine (family alude and mulastana) near Udupi. Date: Tuesday February 26, 2008

Fieldwork II

Koti Chennaya Group

View K-C nema videos in RRC Archive

Siri Group

View Hiriyadka Sri Festival videos in RRC Archive

Date: Wednesday February 27, 2008

Fieldwork III

Koti Chennaya Group

Interviewing Adi Udupi informants at RRC archive with video and photos

Siri Group

Visit Hiriyadka Virabhadra (Mahalingeshwara) Temple, Siri alude and mulastana. Interviews with Temple management and Hiriyadka residents.

Fieldwork IV

Koti Chennaya Group

Visit Hiriyadka, Bommarabettu and Anjar.

Siri Group

Visit and photograph Mekkekattu and Manchikallu What is the relationship between Siri and the Chikku dieties?

Date: Friday February 29, 2008

Fieldwork V

Koti Chennaya Group

Work in archives reviewing photos and videos of K-C rituals. Develop a detailed plan for upcoming agel and nema

Siri Group

Visit to Nandolige and Kabbitar "Siri" temples. Interviews with temple officials and leading families.

Date: Saturday March 1, 2008

Fieldwork VI

Koti Chennaya Group

Spend most of the day in Anjar around the Garodi observing and documenting preparations for the upcoming events. Interviewing people, getting to know the community and their lives, families, livelihoods, past and present agriculture system, history, etc.

Siri Group

By this time, the members of the group should have made enough contacts to begin interviewing Siri cult participants in the region.

Fieldwork VII

Miscellaneous collections, data gathering and interviews.

Dates: Tuesday March 11, 2008 and Wednesday March 12, 2008

Fieldwork Plans

Fieldwork Plans


Date: February 20, 2008 Koti Chennayya Book Release Function

Koti-Chennayya Agelu: Bommarabettu-Hiriyadka

Date: February 21, 2008 Full moon day in the Tulu month of Maayi Siri festival at HurumbidoTTu

Fieldwork Plans

Hurumbidottu Siri Aayana/festival: Notes to International Workshop Students, Fieldwork at Hurumbidottu Beltangady Taluk-Karnataka Date 21-Feb-2008

Date: February 27, 2008 Yakshagana (Full night) Shiryara-Mekkikattu-Udupi District Mekkikattu fieldwork : Notes to International Workshop Students. Date: Friday February 28, 2008

Technical Training

  1. Wiki Editing Tutorial
  2. Read Renée Fountain's paper on Wiki Pedagogy
  3. Check out top 100 tools of learning 2007
  4. Learn About UNESCO's digital library software

Creating Online Archives

Folklore of the Transgender Community in Tamilnadu

  1. Annotated Textual Resources TG
  2. Annotated Web Resources TG
  3. Samples of Photo documentation available at National Folklore Support Centre, India TG
  4. Samples of Video Documentation available at National Folklore Support Centre, India, TG
  5. Samples from the Archive of Newspaper Clippings TG
  6. Media Representations TG
  7. Bibliography TG
  8. TV Cippings TG

Siri Epic Performance

  1. Annotated Textual Resources Siri
  2. Annotated Web Resources Siri
  3. Photo documentation available at Regional Resources Centre for Folk Performing Arts, Udupi Siri
  4. Video Documentation available at Regional Resources Centre for Folk Performing Arts, Udupi Siri
  5. Archive of Newspaper Clippings Siri
  6. Media Representations Siri
  7. Bibliography Siri
  8. TV Clippings Siri

Koti Chennayya

  1. Annotated Textual Resources KC
  2. Annotated Web Resources KC
  3. Photo documentation available at Regional Resources Centre for Folk Performing Arts, Udupi KC
  4. Video Documentation available at Regional Resources Centre for Folk Performing Arts, Udupi KC
  5. Archive of Newspaper Clippings KC
  6. Media Representations KC
  7. Bibliography KC
  8. TV Clppings KC

Ethnographic Resources related to Folklore, Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, and the Humanities