Basics of Fieldwork

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1 Fieldwork plans and note-taking.

2 The use of video and tape recorders for reviewing details

3 Developing long range, short range and immediate plans. Identifying special roles within group of fieldworkers

4 Interviewing: choosing informants

5 Tape recording interviews, taking notes and working with your interpreter

6 Working with communities: identify what is significant to them, inquiring why

7 Relating features of the performances witnessed and texts read to indigenous interpretations

8 Documentation, representation and completeness

9 Communities within communities within communities: Where does documentation end?

10 Collecting arranged performances and recitations

11 Scholars documenting for archives

12 Transcribing tapes and videos

13 Why are we archiving this stuff?

14 Presenting Culture and Folklore

15 Maintaining networks: What is a scholar's responsibility? Is it money for knowledge, or a service commitment? Workshop on Folklore Fieldwork and Online Archiving with Wiki