Working with a Transgender Community: Film Screening and Discussion by B.Jishamol

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Abstract of the Video Documentary to be screened


Edited out of an year long field documentation carried out by NFSC researchers and collaborators from the transgender community, this documentary depicts the life cycle ceremonies of transgendered persons in Tamil Nadu, India. Starting with adoption and initiation in the form of milk pouring ceremony after the fortieth day of the surgery, the documentary presents the community gathering in Koovagam village, (Vilupuram District, Tamil Nadu) for marriage with the God Aravan and widowhood and return to the society after his beheading in Mahabharata theatre/ritual/festival. Apart from interviews with the transgendered persons, the documentary includes excerpts from traditional epic singing in praise of God Aravan. The video documentary titled “Folklore of the Transgender Community in Tamil Nadu” 39 Minutes: