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Fine tuning field properties

We have already touched on the fact that the Field Properties part of the Design View allows us to fine tune our table.

From our list of field names we’re going to choose the following two fields:

ISBN number Text
Author Text

How many characters/letters do you think you need to store data in these two fields? If we look up Wikipedia about ISBN numbering, we can see that the current standard supports numbers up to 13 digits, so we will make this field at least 13 characters long.

Author name is a little more interesting. The default value is 255 characters and we might want to stick with that for the moment.

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  1. Open your bookshop database and open the table in Design view.
  2. Click in the field ISBN Number. Go down to the Field Properties part of the screen. Click in Field Size and change the figure from 255 to 13


Look at the field list below:

Field Data-type
Year published Date/Time Format, Medium date
Number of pages Number Field Size, Long Integer
Paperback or hardback Yes/No Format, yes/No
Author Text Field Size, 255
ISBN number Text Field Size, 13
Item to be ordered Yes/No Format,Yes/No
Price purchased for Currency Format, Currency
Decimal places, 2
Price sold for (retail price) Currency Format, Currency
Decimal places, 2
Book Title Text Field Size,255

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  1. Go to each field and change the relevant field properties to match the list above.

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Please note

If you have any questions or do not understand the exercise, please review the earlier sections of this unit