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Having created our basic table in our database, we are now going to add some information. In database jargon, this is called creating a record.

In order to do this, we will be working with our table in datasheet view. If you’ve had some experience with Excel, you will see that this looks like a spreadsheet.

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Please note: the following tutorial will open in a new window/tab. When you have finished the tutorial, simply close the window/tab and you'll return to this page.

Before you start the activities below, we recommend you work through this online tutorial:

  • Entering and Editing Data in Tables

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Adding information to your database

  1. Open your bookshop database, then open the table that you have created. As you can see, the first record (or first row) is empty. Remember that the very first field, ID, is an auto-number. Access will put a new number in there for us.
  2. Use your mouse and click in the field underneath the heading Year Published.You should see the flashing text cursor. Type 2/1/2010

    Hint: You may want to use the calendar button that pops up when you are entering in a date/time field. Click the calendar icon and use the calendar that appears to navigate to the correct date.


  3. In the next field Paperback book? Tick the box to indicate that yes, this book is a paperback.
  4. Here's the rest of the information that you need to fill in the rest of this record:
    • Title - Introduction to Computing
    • By Computing for Free
    • Published - 2/1/2010
    • ISBN – none.
    • Paperback
    • 45 pages
    • Purchase Price - $15.00
    • Retail Price - $20.00
  5. Check your work and save your database.
  6. We are now going to provide you with information for 3 other books. Create a new record for each of these books:


  7. Please check your database against the source information. Save your database and close.

Update a record

To make changes or update your records, select the correct record from the table, click in the field and enter in a new value

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We have entered a book title incorrectly. Please change “Secrets For Fly Fishing” to ‘Secrets of Fly Fishing”

Delete a record

Deleting a record is very easy in Access.

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  1. Open your Bookshop database. Locate the record for the book “Introduction to Computing”
  2. Click your mouse in the extreme left hand column as indicated in the picture below. Your mouse cursor will change to a rightward pointing arrow. Click the left mouse button to highlight the entire record.

  3. Press the delete key on your keyboard. The record will be deleted. You cannot undo this operation, so be careful!