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Planning the database

Before you begin creating the database you will need to complete the plan you started in unit 1.

Your plan should already show:

  • That you have identified the purpose of the database.
  • What is the best database model to meet the requirements: flatfile, hierarchical, relational, network or a combination of models

Now, you should complete page 2 of the plan, identifying the field names, data types and additional specifications.

Creating the database

Now you can implement you have developed.

  1. Following the plan you created in Task One create a new database.
    • Include all the Database Specifications you have used in your plan.
    • Use the list of tasks below as a guideline for what you will be marked on.
  2. Once you have finished:
    • Save the file .
    • Ensure all printouts include your name and date.
  3. Complete the self-check list below:
  • Appropriate fields for the data were created.
  • Appropriate formatting and properties were assigned to the fields.
  • Test records are created and checked against the specifications of the database fields.
  • Print a copy of your test records.
  • Enter supplied data into your database.
  • Print a copy of your database.
  • Delete the Sports Towel record (Item ID 6189).
  • Change the Selling Price of the Tee Shirt to $16.50.
  • Add a new record with the following details:
    Bandana (Item ID 6200)
    Units on Hand: 15 Cost Price: $3.50
    Selling Price: $6.00 Supplier Code: LG
    Supplier: Logo Goods
    Supplier Telephone: 09 555 3853
  • In the design view add a new field name: Supplier Local. Define it as a Yes/No field.
  • Sort the records alphabetically by the item description. Print the table.
  • Sort the records numerically by the selling price (lowest price at the top). Print the table.
  • Compare the entered data with the original data source to check its accuracy. Has your database meet the requirements of the brief?

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Please note

Your database project is not yet complete - do not submit your database for assessment until you have completed the assessment for Unit 3.

Download the Planning template