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The purpose of this Workgroup is to:


  • The WikiMaster community certification initiative was established to acknowledge skills achievements and to earn community kudos in preparation for the Learning4Content training initiative.
  • A draft Policy for skills certification was posted to the group list on 15 Feb 2008 inviting comment and feedback
  • WE took a decision to hold back on specifying the criteria for the levels of WikiTrainer and WikiMaster until the community had more experience for specifying the criteria for these levels.
  • The popularity of the certification system has resulted in the existing criteria up to the level of WikiArtisan been applied as a de facto practice in WikiEducator's activities with numerous volunteer certifiers implementing the draft procedures.
  • Jim Tittsler has trialled a bot application which harvests an generates a list of certified users from the corresponding category pages for each level of the typology. These categories are automatically inserted on the user page of individuals certified.

Current challenges

  • We do not have an identifiable list of community certifiers who volunteer to monitor the Request for certification page and award certification requests from the community -- we should consider adding this as a criterion for the WikiTrainer certification level.
  • We do not have a list of criteria for the WikiMaster level -- this workgroup should consider developing a set of proposed criteria in consultation with the WikiEducator community.
  • We need to operationalise the listing of certified users in the main namespace.
  • Request to consider renaming "master" certifications using a gender-neutral term. See discussion thread on google groups: Nomenclature for WikiMaster.


Definitions of Terms


Skills Required

Advanced Levels of Certifications



  • Online Facilitation
  • Face-to-Face Facilitation



Statement of purpose


The Workgroup charter

The charter is open to development but may address the following:

  • Identification information: name of Workgroup, link to WikiEducator Workgroup page,
  • What is the purpose for creating this workgroup? Include a list of Workgroup objectives.
  • List of participants and participant skills; Are any additional skills needed?
  • How do you plan to communicate among Workgroup members?
  • What outcomes are expected (include proposed projected completion dates, if desired)?
  • Practicality and Fit:
    • Does this Workgroup require financial resources?
    • Are there any legal issues that might be of concern?
    • Are there any security risks or technological dependencies which might be difficult to support?
    • How will the Workgroup process and outcomes align with core?


Assistance to Workgroup


A live discussion is going on in the Google discussion Group regarding 'gender' indications in WikiMaster terminology. Some suggestions are:

  • WikiGuru
  • WikiWiz
  • WikiChampion

Let us work it out & take a decision. Please add your views here.--Dr. Gita Mathur 18:21, 25 July 2010 (UTC)

Evaluation of Workgroup