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Policy Name Skills Certification Policy
Purpose To provide guidelines on the procedures for the certification of the wiki skills of WikiEducators using the WikiMaster typology.
Intended audience
  • WikiEducators requesting optional certification
  • Certifiers
Status Under development
Proposed to the community First draft proposed to the community: 15 Feb 2008 (PST)
Effective date To be determined

Policy Name

Skills Certification Policy

Reason for Policy

This policy provides guidelines for the certification of wiki skills for WikiEducators. This is an optional service provided by the community whereby WikiEducators can have their achievements and progress assessed by their peers and recognised within the community. It is one of the ways a WikiEducator can build kudos in the community and is an opportunity for more experienced WikiEducators to assist in building our capacity.


  • supports and encourages a community model for developing skills and providing support for our projects.
  • has developed a set of tutorials to assist new users in becoming competent developers of educational resources for our community.
  • has implemented a peer-based system of certification within our community based on the levels specified in the WikiMaster competency framework.


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Nationality:Global citizen
Center This user was certified a WikiBuddy by Mackiwg .
  • The right for a WikiEducator to have their peer-certified, skill-level displayed on their own user page. This is done after being certified. An example is shown in the infobox above. (Note that the certifier's name is also displayed.)
  • The ability to connect with other skilled WikiEducators. The Certification Userbox will automatically list certified WikiEducators as a mechanism to facilitate networking among WikiEducators. For example, all users certified as Wikibuddies are listed on the relevant category page.
  • Widen the cadre of skilled WikiEducators who, in turn, can impart their knowledge by helping new members on their wiki journey;
  • To develop a large base of WikiEducators with the skills to teach and support new members -- if we're to succeed in building a free curriculum for all levels and sectors by 2015, we need all the help we can get.
  • Building our web of trust whereby WikiEducators are certified by a community of peers;
  • Motivating WikiEducators to pursue their journey of discovery using this amazing technology;


For WikiEducators

  • The certification is optional -- a WikiEducator must request certification using the instructions below.
  • The content on an individual user page will be used as primary evidence of the skills, particular for the entry levels up to and including Wikibuddy (i.e. WikiApprentice Level 1; WikiApprentice Level 2, and Wikibuddy) -- Therefore the user must ensure that their user page demonstrates the evidence required for the skills outputs specified in these levels as specified in the WikiMaster typology.
  • Certifiers will assess the user's proficiency against the rubric of specified outcomes for the level concerned.

For Certifiers

The basic principle is that a skilled Wikieducator can certify an aspiring WikiEducator who is at a lower level on the typology. However, we have specified the level of WikiArtisan as the entry level for becoming a certifier. The highest level of Wikimaster is certified by a team rather than a single WikiEducator.

  • A certifier must have the minimum level of WikiArtisan before they are qualified to certify a WikiApprentice (Levels 1 and 2) or a Wikibuddy. (A WikiArtisan has the necessary skills to analyse the edit history and implementation of wiki formating to express a value judgement.)
  • A WikiTrainer can certify all levels up to and including a WikiArtisan.
  • A WikiMaster requires the assessment and approval of a committee of three Wikimasters as there is no higher ranking in this certification typology.
  • Where a WikiEducator does not meet the requirements specified for the requested level:
    • the Certifier has the discretion to award a lower ranking assuming that the applicant meets the requirements for that level. or
    • if the applicant is unsuccessful an "Application Unsuccessful" template will be inserted with an advisory note on what is still required to be successful for the level requested.
  • Certifiers are community volunteers who donate time to certifying fellow educators -- WikiEducators should not abuse this service requesting certification when they know they do not meet the requirements.
  • A team of certifiers is allocated to monitor requests for certification at each level. (The volunteer team will be supplemented by WikiEducators pursuing the level of WikiTrainer where there is a requirement to certify a minimum number of WikiEducators.)

Vandalism and appeals

  • A certification vandal will be blacklisted immediately. Their user account will be blocked indefinitely by a WikiEducator Administrator. Certification vandalism is a serious breach of trust in our community. In the event that someone blacklisted for certification vandalism feels they have been unduly treated, for example inadvertently inserted a certification of a higher level than their current authority -- a community hearing will be organised where the user account may be reinstated.
  • Any WikiEducator who can prove that they have not been assessed and certified according to the specified criteria may submit an appeal.


  • An input box (or alternative technical solution) will be developed for users to request certification. Requests for certification will be listed on a page set up for this purpose.
  • Need inputs on how to submit an appeal or report a certification vandal.

Additional Details



This is a Wikieducator who has been certified at the level of WikiArtisan or higher.

Certification vandal

Is someone who inserts a Wikimaster associated userbox on a userpage without the corresponding authority to provide the certification.


  • A WikiEducator is responsible for requesting certification and must check whether they meet the cerification requirements before submitting the request;
  • Wikibuddies and higher who assist with certification are required to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with this policy.


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History of this policy

  • This is the first policy to be developed by the WikiEducator community
  • This policy was developed in response to our community obligations under the Learning Contract for the Learning4Content project where we offer the service to provide certification of wiki skills for our users.
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