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The programme is conducted over a period of XX weeks and is structured though a series of modules designed to enable you to meet the learning outcomes.

The programme is delivered primarily through an online approach focused on:

  • the material here in Wikieducator
  • facilitated support provided via e-mail, telephone and moodle
  • access to moodle resources including additional information in a digital format
  • possible workshops online or face-to-face
  • access to the Polytechnic’s learning resources centre and use of the library system online and in person.

Within this course there are a series of activities and tasks that we believe will be useful in guiding you as you develop your learning agreement and to capture the extent of your learning journey. We strongly encourage you to undertake these activities.

As a learner in this course you will be:

  • Actively involved in experience
  • Reflecting on your work context in a systematic and critical way
  • Committed to process of exploring and learning
  • Supported by the course facilitator
  • Open to learning – in a safe and supportive environment
  • Involved in a cyclical process – often requiring several iterations, visiting and re-visiting experience using a variety of methods
  • Involved in continuous, lifelong learning

The starting point for all resources and activities is the Course Schedule.