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Welcome to the Work based Learning (WBL) course, a course within the Graduate Diploma of Tertiary Education through Otago Polytechnic.

In this course you will be introduced to the concept of work-based learning and gain an understanding of the key workbased learning principles and processes. You will have the opportunity to define an area of inquiry/project or further development to strengthen your teaching and learning practice, and to construct and negotiate a learning agreement that outlines how you will undertake your inquiry or development.

Please note that this course is rapidly developing on Wikieducator and will change and build steadily over the coming weeks.


Course identifiers

Core course Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education
Level 5
Credits 15
Learning hours 150
Prerequisites none
Enrolment status Online registration coming soon
Developed by OP Online
Formal assessment services OP Online

Indicative fee for credentialing: NZ$tba


Course Description

The aims of this course are to:

  • introduce you to key concepts about workbased learning
  • support you in identifying an area of development that is relevant to yourself and those about you. This will arise from and be bedded within your own practice context and will benefit both yourself, your students and your team
  • enable you to form, justify, structure, plan, and seek approval for a learning agreement that you will achieve the learning outcomes you seek
  • support you as you identify and reflect on the implications of the project for your professional identity.