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We encourage you to share your journey with your colleagues and any mentors you have and to seek their feedback. Look to formally structure the opportunity to do this.

Build supportive relationships with other learners in this course. Meet face to face in groups if possible, and contribute actively to the moodle discussion board. There is richness to be found in undertaking reflection in a group process, even if you are all from different teaching and learning contexts.

Look to engage with people who might share a similar teaching and learning paradigm to you. Also look to engage with people who have a different paradigm, because there is much that can be strengthened in your reflection through engagement with others with different views. Don’t be afraid of this, it is not a personal criticism; debates and discussions with others are a significant contribution to your journey of finding voice and articulating and justifying your emerging understandings about the nature of your project.

Be at ease with that nature of this process, that it is about emergence and exploration, so be generous and supportive towards yourself and in your contributions with other learners.

At the heart of workbased learning is the emphasis given to adult learners being independent learners, critical thinkers and reflective practitioners. This work is supported by the course facilitator who has the role of supporting you to explore and deepen your understandings of your work, to explore your understandings and what you bring to your chosen project, and to help you as you prepare your learning agreement for assessment. They will give you feedback on any draft pieces you submit and will give you support and advice and make suggestion on how to strengthen what you are exploring. Make good use of your facilitator, they are there to support you throughout and to ensure you have a successful outcome.