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Welcome to the Work based Learning (WBL) course, a course within the Graduate Diploma of Tertiary Education through Otago Polytechnic.

In this course you will be introduced to the concept of work-based learning and gain an understanding of the key workbased learning principles and processes. You will have the opportunity to define an area of inquiry/project or further development to strengthen your teaching and learning practice, and to construct and negotiate a learning agreement that outlines how you will undertake your inquiry or development.

The value of this course is in its opportunity to design a learning inquiry that is embedded in and develops your current practice and understandings. This process of determining the project area and shaping and documenting it will involve dialogue within your team and with your manager. The undertaking of the project is not part of this course – elective papers exist that can be used for this purpose.

The focus of the course is to enable you to build a solid justification for your learning project and show you have the necessary skills and understandings to do what you propose to do within the inquiry.

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The Work-based Learning course is assessed through the submission of your coursework.

To complete the course successfully your work should demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

  1. Negotiate the development of a learning agreement and the terms of the WBL inquiry with the employer/sponsor/professional body and institution
  2. Develop and explore practitioner skills in inquiry methodologies, to enable and inform the design and purpose of the focus inquiry, taking account of the ethical implications that could arise during the project
  3. Construct a well justified and methodologically sound WBL project, inquiry and/or other work-based activity, designed to improve or inform areas of the participants own or other’s work/practice

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