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Portfolio Activity

Assessment Task 4

Compose a memorandum which will be used to accompany the advertisement you have created in Task 2. Ensure that you include all the details shown below in your memorandum.

  • You are sending the advertisement to your company’s copy centre (printing department) – the purpose of this memorandum is to provide the copy centre with printing instructions.
  • You require 250 flyers by Wednesday 9.00 am.
  • Request that the flyers be cut so that you have a total of 500 flyers.
  • The advertisement is to be printed on duck egg blue 50 gsm paper. It would be easier for distribution if they would be able to bundle the posters in lots of 100.

Your memorandum must:

  • Incorporate correct spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation
  • Use an appropriate layout.
  • Include all required information
  • Be saved with an appropriate filename

Save the document to your assessment folder and print one copy and add to your assessment portfolio.

Assessment Task 5

Create a letter addressed to the manager of Professional Printers.

Explain that your business is celebrating 100 years of operation and are interested in having invitations printed and you would like to know how long it would take your order to be completed.

Professional Printers address details are: 459 Stevenson Road, Port Chalmers, Dunedin 9015.

For the purpose of this letter, include your own details as the sender of the letter.

Your letter must:

  • Use appropriate layout
  • Be appropriately composed
  • Be saved with the password professional

Save the document to your assessment folder and print one copy and add to your assessment portfolio.

Assessment Task 6

Use ScreenR to record the following steps for assessment. You need to demonstrate:

  • Using the My Computer window to open the folder where your files for Assessment task 2 to 5 are stored
  • Opening one of the files
  • Using keyboard shortcuts to save, copy, paste, set bold text, increase indent, and undo
  • Using the mouse to adjust tabs, move a paragraph, use the format painter, adjust paragraph indent, adjust paragraph line spacing
  • Using the mouse to maximise and minimise the window, change document views, set tabs using the ruler, use ribbon tools
  • Saving the file as a read-only file under a different name with a password
  • Using the My Computer window to rename a file, search for a file, and copy a file to a USB drive

Save your recording and add it to your assessment portfolio.

How to use ScreenR