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The purpose of this page is to consider the following:
  • Should WE redesign its homepage and important landing pages?
  • Will improved information design of the WE main page and important landing pages improve retention?
  • Should WE form a working group to consider proposals for Website redesign?
  • If so -- do we have any volunteers who will put their hands up in thinking about redesigning the website? (Especially folk who have good experience in this area -- but everyone is most welcome to give a hand).

Brainstorm ideas

  • See OER efforts at a glance (Anil Prasad)
  • Featured users recognise and reward valuable contributions (Anil Prasad)
  • Include both featured works (evaluated) and promising projects (Anil Prasad)
  • Establish an editorial working group/committee to take responsibility for the Main page and important landing pages (Anil Prasad)
  • Incorporate features that foster and promote social networks like ning Nellie Deutsch
  • Provide a place for updates on the processes and decisions
  • Provide directions on how to do and where to find new things
  • WE latest news
  • Course offerings including courses that are offered in the community which were developed on the Wiki and are used in the community
  • Feature institutions for instance those that have hosted L4C workshops, showing what they have made of the initial trainings, such as Kenya Institute of Education.
  • Create a subpage to the content page containing projects started on User pages (make user entry mandatory) indicating status (completed, new and/or in progress) capturing all the work that is currently underway or has been done etc, for easy reference including categorisation. --Patricia 00:38, 8 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Main page should get lots more hits
  • Simplify the structure of the main page so it is informative without being overwhelming - may require subpages so additional detailed lists with descriptive information can be provided. Some really good category lists pages that provide attractive displays with some descriptive information along with the title and link would help direct casual visitors and regular WE users alike. some examples Santa Clara University - powerful presence, compact hub, concise message, lots of clearly titled links ..Valerie Taylor
  • have several initiatives working in parallel - some of these suggestions can be implemented for immediate benefit, while some of the more comprehensive discussions and project planning will take time to approve, develop and implement ..Valerie Taylor

Working group volunteers