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Contact-new.svg Leigh Blackall
Guess who?
Blog:Leigh Blackall
Employer:Otago Polytechnic
Occupation:Educational developer
Other roles:Researcher, online facilitator, project manager, lecturer
Country:New Zealand
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  • Further lobby for the adoption of a graphical user interface for editing, such as the FCK editor. Lobby will be for either the Wikieducator wiki to add the editing interface, or on a separate wiki as web based tool people can use to more easily create content for copy/pasting back into Wikieducator.
  • Further lobby for the integration of embedded media such as Blip.tv videos and Slideshare.net presentations. Media would have to be appropriately copyrighted and provide access to source files. Embedded media will follow a process of first embedding then uploading a copy of the media.
  • Resource the update of the Kultura video player/editor and continue to communicate to developers the importance of the ability for users to be able to download a video, to be able to embed the video on external sites, to be able to upload MP4, to be able to import video from a wider range of video services, and to better handle the copyrights on videos that are imported.
  • Lobby for the removal of the Liquid Threads extension on discussion pages until such time as it includes the option for users to switch it off if they prefer traditional wiki discussion, and when it does not interfere with the email alert feature that is standard on MediaWikis, and when it permits users to delete content as per normal wiki editor abilities.
  • Support for Chinese Mandarin and any other requested languages on Wikieducator
  • Resource the development of a better image uploading process, such as the Flickr browse and upload extension, or other bulk upload feature.
  • Closer relationship with the Internet Archive as a media hosting and backup service.
  • Closer relationship and regular dialog with Wikiversity users. Explore interest in a shared discussion forum and regular web conference meeting.
  • Support for regular web conferencing that compliments the Wikieducator News, Featured Projects and Featured User Pages initiatives.
  • Encourage a higher profile for individual projects using the featured project initiative as a platform.
  • Adoption of compatible copyright license options over pages and projects including the range of Public Domain Universal (when ready), Attribution, and Share Alike.


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