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  • Movenote. Online video/presentation software. Integrates with google drive as an app. Allows you to capture yourself talking to slides, documents, video uploaded from either your computer or google drive. Share with others and they can comment (video or text) online or download as an mp4 for inclusion elsewhere. Free
  • Powtoon. Online presentation software similar to powerpoint. Create cartoon like animated slides. Include video and record your voice. Free. Completed presentations can be downloaded as an mp4. Sign up as an educator to get an extended free period. Small monthly fee enables longer presentations (over 5mins) and unlimited downloads.
  • Animoto ( )
    • Free version 30 sec videos (combine photos & videos in an animation)

Tablet tools

  • Prezi
  • Explain Everything (iOS only)
  • Haiku Deck (iOS only)
  • Voicethread
  • Showme (iOS)

Remote Presentation

  • Electric Slide (iOS)

Further reading

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