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Hello from your friend!202:12, 22 August 2013
Congratulations123:27, 9 August 2013
Thanks:-)022:28, 9 May 2009
Wider than Screen211:10, 6 May 2009
Great Page106:28, 3 May 2009
Love the New Page509:00, 19 April 2009
Additions to your Graph Theory image300:06, 11 April 2009
Greetings409:47, 5 April 2009

Hello from your friend!

Hello Nedal! How are you? Hope the correcting of the exams wasn't too tiring for you and that you still have energy to plan a GREAT trip for me to the DESERT! Keep in touch.

Kaskagerty (talk)04:58, 9 July 2013

Hello I see that you doing well with wikkieducator well done you are the CORE Nedal

Nedal (talk)23:30, 9 August 2013

Thanks Nedal, you are the CORE too!!

Kaskagerty (talk)02:12, 22 August 2013


Hi Nedal,

Your user page is quite inspirational. How wonderful that you have been awarded the January 2013 WE User Expo award. Well done!

Your wikineighbour,


ASnieckus (talk)13:40, 10 January 2013

thank you very much Nedal

Nedal (talk)23:27, 9 August 2013

Nedal - Thanks for being such a wonderful wiki neighbor. Your tips and encouraging notes have been a great help indeed!

All the best!


Hanaakhs (talk)22:28, 9 May 2009

Wider than Screen

Nedal, You have done some fabulous work on your user page. I love all of the information. But, curiously, your page is too wide for my screen display size, so I have to scroll right to see the whole thing. It's the only wikieducator page that this happens with (at least that I've found so far). I was wondering if your page is displayed as wider than the screen on other people's monitors. No worries if it's something particular to only my display.

Just thought you'd be interested to know about this.

Your Wikifriend, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)03:06, 3 May 2009

I fixed the Screen[edit]


thank you for your note about my wide screen, and i fixed it ,it was code mistake,i hope it is better now .

warm weshes


Nedal (talk)06:35, 3 May 2009


Actually I think it's the same. I've decided it's because I have my screen width set at 1024 x 768. If I change it to 1152 x 864, then your page is completely visible. I use the lower display setting cause I need the generally bigger size. So that's the answer, it's on my end.

Warm wishes,


ASnieckus (talk)11:10, 6 May 2009

Great Page

Hello from your wikineighbour. I really enjoyed visiting your country a few years ago in 2005, Petra was amazing, I am happy you put a picture of it.--Nadia El Borai 15:38, 1 May 2009 (UTC)

Nadia El Borai (talk)04:38, 2 May 2009


Hello Nadia,

I am so glade that you like my work on my page ,you right Petra is one of the most amazing places in Jordan ,and I shall put more pictures on my page .

Nedal (talk)06:28, 3 May 2009

Love the New Page


Great work on reorganizing your page. It feels better having all of the content on one page, rather than links to separate pages (because I think users are more likely to look through everything -- just have to scroll down).

Your English sentences are coming along. In many places the periods "." are in the right place, just need to be shifted to next to the left-hand word, with the space following. And there are a few more periods needed. (A sentence is a hard concept if you didn't grow up with it:-) Do you want me to revise/add the periods and then you can compare to see what I did?

Warm Regards, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)04:18, 14 April 2009

I do my best[edit]


Thanks ,you right its better having all of the content on one page .I am traying to do my best with English sentences ,It's not easy but training is the the key . your comments about sentences are very helpfull for me, thank you very much . About revise/add the periods please do ,thats will be kindeness from you .

Warm Regards , Nedal

Nedal (talk)08:45, 14 April 2009


It's so great that you are working on your English. I think it must be very hard to learn a language that is so different from your first language. I am happy to help. I made some revisions to your page. I believe that I made 4 kinds of revisions:

1. I added one or two periods and moved others to be next to the word on the left. (In English all punctuation is next to the word on the left -- I noticed that you tend to put the punctuation more often next to the word on the right. I think that might be because Arabic is written right to left. I read about the Arabic language on Wikipedia -- I'm learning also:-)

2. I capitalized words that are the names of things, for example Ministry of Education. Also the word "I" is always capitalized. Lastly the first word in a sentence is capitalized so I fixed those.

3. I added a few small words in places (like "in" "a") that I thought would help other readers. These small words are also a hard part of learning English.

4. I corrected the spelling of a few words. (I'm wondering if your editor marks words that are misspelled in English -- it's an automatic spellchecker. Mine does. It puts a red underline under them. I don't know how this would work if you are working in a system where English is not the main language. I really don't know how things work in other languages, so I thought I'd mention it.)

Just so you know, I didn't fix everything in your write up. I think it's important for a person's writeup to be from them. Maybe after you work in WE English for awhile, you'll come back to your write up and notice some better ways to phrase things.

We're always learning!

Your WikiNeighbor, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)13:23, 14 April 2009

Alison ,

What can I say , thanks is not enough for your great job on my page ,thank you .Yes learning English is hard , students in Jordan have problems in studying English although they began studying English in 1 grade ,practice is the whole issue , I mean the daily use of language ,let me tell you some thing i saw ,some thing strange about language ,I Jordan there is historical place called Petra near of this place lay ed a small village called Wadi Mossa, most of its citizen worked in Petra and dealing with toursts offer them horses and camels to ride , i heard kids of this village speaking and understand English as well as native speakers , even they speak Japanese , Italian .... ets . Arabic language from right to left that's true .... good you Reading a bout in wkkipedia , this is the power of wkki and Internet .

Warm Wishes


Nedal (talk)11:27, 15 April 2009

What an interesting story. Learning to speak the language young is the best. Second best is experiencing the language first-hand in a real environment. These children had both.

Thanks for the link to the internet site about the amazing sites in Petra. I see that this place is on the UNESCO new 7 wonders of the world. Maybe someday I'll have a chance to visit (and notice the many multi-lingual children nearby).



ASnieckus (talk)14:14, 15 April 2009


I hope someday you can vist Petra, It is amazing place , I visted many times it is about 3 hours by car from my city , There is many historical places in jordan like JARASH,UMMQYS and KARAK even my city has many historical places this link about the famest places in Jordan[1]



Nedal (talk)08:05, 19 April 2009

Additions to your Graph Theory image


Thanks for all of the good work and wonderful images!

I added some documentation to the graph theory image that you uploaded. WE are trying to get all of the uploaded images to have documentation -- metadata (description, source, author, upload date) and one or more categories. I added these items to the graph theory image. If you edit the page you will see the added code. Please revise (description, source author) if I don't have it correct.

You can learn more about the metadata template on the Template:Metadata page.

Hope this helps.

Your WikiNeighbor, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)13:34, 6 April 2009

Alison thank you so that you added documentation to the grapg theory image , i used paint software to draw it so what source can i add ? couse i didnot get it from internet , can i use any image found on internet , i mean is there free copyrights images on internet ?

Your english tips were helpfull ( thanks) really you are great teacher your students are luky having you , the problem with my english is not the langauge it self but using english in teaching math or writting couse i teaching maths in my native language although its the same math in all languages but the letterlary translate will be bad .

best wishes

Nedal Shatat

Nedal (talk)08:48, 7 April 2009


What is meant by the metadata source is indicated on the Template:Metadata page. In the example on the page, they say the source is either "private image or enter url of the source". There have been instances when I want to remember a bit more about how I created an image. In those cases I included a more detailed explanation. See my outlier image - click on the image to go to the page:

The description contains two links. Also note that I listed the source as "screencapture". I guess this implies private image, maybe I'll change it to "private image."

The only images that are recommended for wikieducator are those with open copyrights, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, public domain, GNU Free Documentation License. Note that images with the Creative Commons NC indicator (meaning for non-commercial use only) should not be used in wikieducator. An explanation of "free content" is at What is free content. When I was learning about wikieducator a few months ago, I also went to the Creative Commons site to better understand these concepts.

There are a few websites with open copyright images. See the list at Wikieducator_tutorial/Images_and_Media/Tips for image sites that are searchable by keyword and copyright designation. I've used Flickr and Commons Wikimedia.

WE is also working on categorizing images. See the explanation at Category:Images. This is also a good place to look for images. Interestingly, I was uploading an image of visicalc (the first spreadsheet program) when it said the image already existed. Turns out it was the exact one from Commons Wikimedia that I was trying to upload. I hadn't thought to look first.

Lastly, I suggest naming images with very unique names. And if you see a notice that the one you are uploading is a duplicate, cancel your request and check out the image that already exists. If yours is different, then upload with a different name.

Yes, math is the same in all languages. And so are images. I'm glad you are braving the English language. I suspect that your English will get better the more work you do. Hope this explanation of images has been helpful.

Warm Regards, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)12:51, 8 April 2009


thanks, you were mauch helpfull with explaning metadata and copyrights .the most thing I like in WikiEducator that is I learn some thing new every time I working on .and I beleve that the future of education will be Wikki education but here in my country we faced many challenges with such education .

Warm wishes, Nedal

Nedal (talk)00:06, 11 April 2009


Welcome to WikiEducator! I noticed on your user page that you are a math teacher. My interest is in statistics. I work on the Math Glossary project, begun by Gladys Gahona (one of the workshop facilitators). We are looking for more users to help us fill out the glossary. I suggest going to the main page to check it out. (Gladys has created a wonderful explanation of the project and many helpful guidelines for contributors.) Please consider joining the project. There is so much to do!!

Your WikiNeighbor, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)13:39, 1 April 2009

hi Alison

thank you very much you telling me about Math Glossary really its nice project and i started doing some job on it


Nedal (talk)16:37, 3 April 2009


I noticed that you added your name to the Math Glossary contributors. I'm so glad to have you as part of the team. Your work on the definitions and examples is much appreciated. Nice job with the LaTeX markup on ellipse -- I'm still quite challenged with using LaTeX. And I noticed you added an angle image to the Angle page -- looks great! Gladys is very knowledgable with the technical wiki code, don't hesitate to post a question on the main Math Glossary page, if you need help. (You can see my questions there from when I was just beginning.)

What I like best about working on Math Glossary is that each page is a small job, easily doable in a small bit of time. And each time I work on one, I learn something new about using a wiki, or better understand how to present a concept for beginning learners. Very satisfying.

Glad to be working with you. Alison

ASnieckus (talk)06:29, 4 April 2009

Hello Alison

Well its glad be working with you too ,I like Math Glossary its as you said its small jobs as parts but togther its huge job i think , I don't worry about Wiki code the challange i face is the english language cause its not my native language and I noticed that english is your native language so please check if there any language mistakes in my work on Math Glossary or even in my page this will be helpfull to me .


Nedal (talk)08:38, 4 April 2009


Your English is very good in that I can understand everything you write about. I really admire your willingness to work in a second language. I don't think I could do it!

I've never helped someone learn to speak or write English, but on thinking about it, it might be better for your learning if I give you some tips, rather than just revising everything.

MathGloss: I suggest finding definitions available on the internet and adapting. For the statistics pages that I worked on I found so many available definitions. By putting together pieces from many sites, I didn't feel that I needed to reference the work. I was also able to find a few sources with open copyright, in particular one that said "cite, where possible". This will give you a chance to work with correct English.

User Page: My first suggestion is to create sentences that end in a period. Note that in English the period directly follows the last word. A sentence is a hard thing to explain to someone, but it is the group of words that together convey a complete thought. In the write-up on your profile you have a comma at the end of the first sentence: "My name is Nedal Shatat ," Change the comma to a period and move it to right after Shatat and that sentence will be correct. Do the same for the next sentence: "I am math's teacher ," OK, so if you want to work on making sentences for the whole paragraph, I will come back to check it out.

I hope this is helpful. And again I salute your willingness to take on this challenge.

Your WikiNeighbor, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)09:47, 5 April 2009