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Thanks for all of the good work and wonderful images!

I added some documentation to the graph theory image that you uploaded. WE are trying to get all of the uploaded images to have documentation -- metadata (description, source, author, upload date) and one or more categories. I added these items to the graph theory image. If you edit the page you will see the added code. Please revise (description, source author) if I don't have it correct.

You can learn more about the metadata template on the Template:Metadata page.

Hope this helps.

Your WikiNeighbor, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)13:34, 6 April 2009

Alison thank you so that you added documentation to the grapg theory image , i used paint software to draw it so what source can i add ? couse i didnot get it from internet , can i use any image found on internet , i mean is there free copyrights images on internet ?

Your english tips were helpfull ( thanks) really you are great teacher your students are luky having you , the problem with my english is not the langauge it self but using english in teaching math or writting couse i teaching maths in my native language although its the same math in all languages but the letterlary translate will be bad .

best wishes

Nedal Shatat

Nedal (talk)08:48, 7 April 2009


What is meant by the metadata source is indicated on the Template:Metadata page. In the example on the page, they say the source is either "private image or enter url of the source". There have been instances when I want to remember a bit more about how I created an image. In those cases I included a more detailed explanation. See my outlier image - click on the image to go to the page:

The description contains two links. Also note that I listed the source as "screencapture". I guess this implies private image, maybe I'll change it to "private image."

The only images that are recommended for wikieducator are those with open copyrights, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, public domain, GNU Free Documentation License. Note that images with the Creative Commons NC indicator (meaning for non-commercial use only) should not be used in wikieducator. An explanation of "free content" is at What is free content. When I was learning about wikieducator a few months ago, I also went to the Creative Commons site to better understand these concepts.

There are a few websites with open copyright images. See the list at Wikieducator_tutorial/Images_and_Media/Tips for image sites that are searchable by keyword and copyright designation. I've used Flickr and Commons Wikimedia.

WE is also working on categorizing images. See the explanation at Category:Images. This is also a good place to look for images. Interestingly, I was uploading an image of visicalc (the first spreadsheet program) when it said the image already existed. Turns out it was the exact one from Commons Wikimedia that I was trying to upload. I hadn't thought to look first.

Lastly, I suggest naming images with very unique names. And if you see a notice that the one you are uploading is a duplicate, cancel your request and check out the image that already exists. If yours is different, then upload with a different name.

Yes, math is the same in all languages. And so are images. I'm glad you are braving the English language. I suspect that your English will get better the more work you do. Hope this explanation of images has been helpful.

Warm Regards, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)12:51, 8 April 2009


thanks, you were mauch helpfull with explaning metadata and copyrights .the most thing I like in WikiEducator that is I learn some thing new every time I working on .and I beleve that the future of education will be Wikki education but here in my country we faced many challenges with such education .

Warm wishes, Nedal

Nedal (talk)00:06, 11 April 2009