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Where do you find the time?008:54, 15 October 2007
A quick tip on external links008:38, 15 October 2007
Embedding flash204:20, 14 October 2007
Just visiting119:44, 12 October 2007
Great revert - defacement averted!018:34, 12 October 2007
Hello017:10, 12 October 2007

Where do you find the time?

Hi Elderbob -

Wow! you have a very demanding list of activities.

How is the MTC going? I'd be pretty keen to hear about your experiences with this. Moodle is used widely throughout the Commonwealth and I receive many requests from developing countries regarding the development of PD resources for Moodle. I'm wanting to launch an international collaborative project to develop training resources (as free content of course <smile>) - similar to the Wiki Tutorials. These resources would be freely available for Moodle partners to use in their MTC training.

Have you had a play with eXe? This is a cool piece of free software that teachers can use to develop web learning resources. It also has a feature to export SCORM content which is easily imported into Moodle.

I've been inspired by the work you are doing as a retired professional. I've been wondering about a WikiEd project to link retired education professionals in developing open education resources and providing support in environments like WikiEd. In your view - is this something that is likely to grow wings?

Chat to you soon.

Mackiwg (talk)08:54, 15 October 2007

A quick tip on external links

There are different alternatives for dealing with links. I've had a play with your infopreneur link to show you one alternative.

Here is the tutorial on links if you want to work ahead a little. Also you can download a copy of this cheatsheet which makes it a little easier to remember things.


Mackiwg (talk)08:38, 15 October 2007

Embedding flash

I see that you had a bash at embedding an external flash object.

Currently we don't support the embedding of third party media - licensing issues etc.

However if you have a video in .swf format (not flv) it is possible to embed this in WikiEducator.

If you send me a video in .swf format (sorry we don't handle flv yet) I can help you embed this.

Sleep well.

Mackiwg (talk)04:20, 14 October 2007
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Last edit: 19:38, 13 October 2007

It is wee hours of Saturday here, and I just now saw your note. The video is a little self-portrait of me. Now that I know what the problem is, I can change the format and send it to you? or should I try to upload it directly. If it is too much of a problem, it is not a big deal. I had used it in a couple of other places and like it as an introduction piece. (You can see it here [1]. Small video in left hand column).

Thanks for noticing, elderbob

Elderbob (talk)04:20, 14 October 2007

If you have the video in .swf format you could try uploading it yourself. Be warned - the syntax is anything from being user friendly and requires the separate upload of media files which we haven't covered yet in the tutorials.

There are examples here:

The good news is that I'm going to commission some development work to simplify the syntax for uploading video.

Feel free to send me the swf and I'd be more than happy to upload this for you on your user page.

Mackiwg (talk)04:20, 14 October 2007

Just visiting

Just popped in as a WikiNeighbour to make sure everything was going well.

I see that good progress is being made so far!


Mackiwg (talk)19:44, 12 October 2007

Elderbob: welcome to WikiEducator. Just saying howdy. brent 08:44, 12 October 2007 (CEST)

BrentSimpson (talk)19:44, 12 October 2007

Great revert - defacement averted!

I'm impressed -

You're not a newbie - good reverting skills!

Mackiwg (talk)18:34, 12 October 2007

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