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Hi, my name is Rober "elderbob" Brannan. Most of the people I know, just call me "elderbob" I am the founder of, a consultation company.

Currently, I'm retired though, in reality, I am working harder than I ever have. I consider myself an

  • infopreneur,
  • geriatrigeek(a geek over sixty) , and
  • eldercoach.

In addition to creating my own company,

  • I am the Coordinator of Open Weekends @[1],
  • a charter member of Coachville[2] and **IAC[3],
  • and until recently training coordinator for the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of Coachville.
  • I am a Webhead[4],
  • member of WorldBridges[5] and
    • Webcast Academy[6]
  • and am currently involved in obtaining my Moodle Teacher Certification[7].

And if that is not enough, I also:

  • consult with organizations related to eldercare and
    • currently have classes online for certification of such professionals at Seasons Seminars[8].
  • I am also a distance education student in Masters of Educational Technology at University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, USA[9].
  • I am in the process of building my own Web Portal[10], to continue my business.

In my spare time,

  • I make jewelry,
  • blow glass[11], and
  • garden.

I am

  • the father of three,
  • grand-father of four, and
  • great-grandfather of four.
  • I also a member of the sandwich generation, as I look after my eighty year old Mother.

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