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FALL 2021 . Course: 00494 Department : CIS 89A 62Z

Syllabus * welcome email * Voyager FTP + To send files to your server with Filezilla p.270 * Handy references * Community service . link checker 8 drop notice HTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide, 9th Edition By Joe Casabona * published Sept 2020

  1. Getting Started . 19 . basics (1,3,11) * getting started survey
  2. HTML Basics * lists . 16 . css htmlvalidation read find (4,6,12). * I know > 1
  3. Links . 21 . voyager accessibility protect (2,5, 21 p.269-272)
  4. Images and Media . 21 . share media (7)
  5. CSS Styling . 13 . html5 use css coding styling designthinking (13,14,18)
  6. CSS Layout . 12 . MIDTERM copyright layout (15,16)
  7. Responsive Web Design . 14 . write make . mobile responsive (17)
  8. Tables, Forms . 14 . participate tables forms portfolio (8,9,10)
  9. Beyond HTML . 17 . javascript seo solve iot (19,20,25)
  10. Site Planning . 18 . sites webdev accessibility rubric htmlvalidation hosting xreality (21,22,23,24,)
  11. Web Site Projects . 7 . beyondhtml webpro
  12. Summary, Peer Review . 8 . creativity peer

. codingtips

2021.10.31 . Think about the requirements of coding versus web development. As the online tutorials claim, you can learn to be a pretty good html coder in a few hours. Learning to use css well is more complex. Designing and implementing a great web site and becoming a proficient web developer is an extensive learning process that takes years of full time effort to master. . This course is intended to provide a foundation and the tools needed to achieve that goal. For example we look at JavaScript. It is separate course. We look at design and layout, which are covered more deeply in separate graphics design courses. . Implementation. . Many students struggle through the Voyager task which might be the only hosting environment available. . Marketing . 4.5 transfer units . Managing your time and priorities to achieve your personal goals that are critical to your success in this course are lifelong learning skills. . Web development . More than just coding, webmaking is the act of creating, understanding, and promoting content on the Web

2021.10.31 . Prioritize your work. Focus on the activities that are important to you. . There is a lot of flexibility in the course to accommodate the diverse needs and interests of students with vastly different prior knowledge.

letter of recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

As the Instructor for CIS89A Web Development at DeAnza College, I have had the pleasure of knowing Wanlun Ding for the Fall 2021 Semester course. She has been a great student and an asset to our class. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend her for your graduate program.

I am confident that she will continue to succeed in her studies. Wanlun is a dedicated student and her grades have been exemplary. In class, she is able to successfully develop plans and implement them.

Wanlun has also taken a leadership role in online course discussions helping other students, many of whom have shared their comments regarding her pleasant and encouraging attitude.

It is for these reasons that I recommend including Wanlun in your program. Her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your program of study. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Valerie Taylor
Instructor, Computer Information Systems
DeAnza College
Cupertino, CA