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CIS 2 - Computers and the Internet in Society

A critical examination of the capabilities and uses of the Internet, computers and cellular communications, and how they are changing business, law, politics, health, education, entertainment, and society.Course format is question-based student discussions and collaborative group projects.

CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society is a GE course. This is the online education section. The course includes lots of reading, discussing, critical thinking, and web-based research. CIS 2 is concerned primarily with the uses of technology (good and bad) and issues for society. We cover everything from accessibility for people with disabilities to identity theft. We discuss and research the impact of technology on computer crime, copyright, education, medicine, business and ethical issues.

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Community Service Learning - no longer included

  • - Community Service Learning Courses
    ICCE's Community Service Learning (CSL) Program focuses on experiential learning by arranging for students to interact with diverse and often underserved people in a variety of workplace environments, reflect on their community involvement, and connect and integrate their experiences in the community with their classroom learning and their own lives. CSL can be required or can be attached as additional credit in G.E. courses from all disciplines at De Anza College.

Computers and the internet enable anyone to provide community service and gain valuable learning experience. Here are some online volunteer opportunities that students have enjoyed.

Working on a community service learning project is optional. To show our appreciation, extra credit points are available for your volunteers time and your feedback about your experience. In order to receive credit you must have prior approval from the instructor, provide contact information for the organization, log your work hours and activities, and submit a summary of the relevance of the community service to the course.

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Americans and Privacy: Concerned, Confused and Feeling Lack of Control Over Their Personal Information | Pew Research Center
Do You Know the Signs of Identity Theft?

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