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Credit by examination (CBE)

Students seeking credit by examination must first successfully complete 15 units at De Anza. Following this, students may file for credit by examination during any regular quarter for courses in which s/he is especially qualified through previous training or experience, and for which prior AP or college credit has not been awarded.

For each module, create a section in your WikiEducator user page and include the following:

  • write a review of one of the resources for each topic within the module
  • find 2 other resources related to the module, and provide a brief summary
  • provide a brief summary of the relevance of your selected resources to Computers and the Internet in Society

For 6. Grand Challenges

  • Pick one of the Grand Challenges. Find three (3) resources that describe the work of groups trying to solve one of the Challenges using technology. How will technology help meet the Challenge that you investigated? What worked? Why was it successful? Be sure to include specific examples. Look through the site to get some ideas.

When completed, your page should include 10 x 3 resources with reviews / descriptions of each, as well as a summary of each module as a whole.

Resources should be recent. Include any media - videos, infographics, podcasts, ... that are interesting and relevant to Computers and the Internet in Society.

If you have an interest in some specific aspect of technology and society, you are welcome to explore the subject within the outline above.

Estimated time to complete: 3 hours

sample page - your name

1. Introductions

2. Privacy and Freedom of Speech

3. Intellectual Property

4. Crime

5. Employment, Education and Entertainment

6. Midterm - Grand Challenges

7. Evaluating and Controlling Technology

8. Risks, Failures and Responsibilities

9. Anytime, Anywhere

10. Technology Advances, Social Trends