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Contact-new.svg Dr. Shiv Kumar Gupta
Employer:Regional Institute of Education, NCERT, Bhopal
Occupation:Head, Dept. of Education
Other roles:Coordinator of International Diploma in Guidance & Counselling, Member of SSA National Resource Group at NCERT Level
Languages:English, Hindi
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My Profile

Dr. Shiv Kumar Gupta (Reader) I/c International Diploma in Guidance & Counselling, Head Dept. DE, RIE, Bhopal having 30 years of teaching experience, B.Ed., M.Ed., Special Education and Guidance and Counselling.

Professional Background


M.A. (Psy.), M.Ed., Ph.D. in Education (Career Guidance). Associatship from London University in Special Education.

Publish Papers

S.No. Books Name
Behtar Jeevan Ke Liye Shiksha (Hindi), a textbook of psychology for the students of +2 level, NCERT, New Delhi, 1992. Contributed as one of the translator.
Educational Administration & Management (Hindi), Manorma Prakashan, Indore, 1991. Contributor as first author.
Towards Universalization of Elementary Education: Progress and problems of NFE Project, F.A. , NCERT, Bhopal, 1978-80. Contributed as Co-author.

Research Papers

S.No. Paper Name
Research paper entitled "Resource Support for Multigrade School. Presented in the Regional Seminar Organized by NCERT at RIE, Bhopal September 2000.
Research paper entitled "A study of the Incidence and Nature of LDs at the end of Class II & to evolve preventive strategies" in the International Seminar on Research in Teacher Empowerment and School effectiveness art primary stage organized by NCERT, New Delhi, July 1997.
Research Paper, "Comparative study of the adjustment aspects of personality patter of tribal and non-tribal children (hindi). Bhartiya Adhunik Shiksha, NCERT, New Delhi, Oct. 1997.
Research paper, "Nature of Learning Disabilities in Arithmetic in National Seminar on Cost effectiveness of Technical Education and Training of the Handicapped " Organized by Rurkee University and AICTE, New Delhi, 1997.
Research paper on efficiently of remedial teaching strategies for developing competencies in EVS in children studying at NFE centers in Rewa Distt. Of M.P., Journal of Educational Research & Extension, Coimbatore, April-June 1999.
Research Paper "Resource support for multigrade teaching: An impact study" published in Asian Journal of Psychology & Education, Vol. 39, 3-4 June 2006, pp 33-36.

Papers in International Seminars/Conferences & Journals

S.No. Paper Name
Paper, "Teacher commitment and abilities for learning centers education presented (published in report) in international conference by AIAER. Triunelveli, 27-29 Jan. 2005.
Paper, "System & structure of inclusive Education", presented in National Conference on Inclusive Education, organized by NCERT & Community Based rehabilitation Bangalore (CBR).
Paper, "Improving the quality of External Examination" published in Parikshak, Jan-Dec. 2005, Board of Secondary Education Bhopal.
Paper, Education of children with special needs (VIC) in Chetna: National Journal for Teacher Education, August 2006, Career College, Bhopal.
Paper, " Promoting Fluency among Blind Children", in special issue on creativity in school education, Journal of Indian Education (JIE), Nov-2000, Vol. XXVI, NCERT, New Delhi.


S.No. Paper Name
Developed manual for one month orientation course fort he teacher of Navodaya Vidhyalaya in Guidance and Counselling. Contributed as on editor and coordinator of the programme RIE (NCERT) Bhopal, June 2000.
Training Package for DIET faculty in Special Education with special emphasis IEDC (Hindi), RIE, Bhopal PAC. 16.10, 1999-2000. Contributed as an editor of the package and coordinator of the programme.
Developed a guide for teachers- for helping children with special needs under IED Scheme, SCERT, Bhopal 1997.
A manual for the orientation of key persons of CTE & IASE to operationalize psychology practical for B.Ed. students (Hindi), RIE (NCERT), Bhopal 1997 contributed as a writer and editor of the manual.


Research Work Supervised

S.No. Dissertation Topics (Ph.D.) Researcher / Year
1 A Study of Special Needs Provisions for the Education of Children with Vision Needs in England, Wales and India.(Associateship from London University) Shiv Kumar Gupta/1983- 84
2 A Study of the Impact of Training in Career Awareness & Career Decision Making Skills upon Occupational Aspirations, Vocatoinal Attitudes of Secondary School Students Shiv Kumar Gupta /1990
3 A Comparative Study of Difficulties in English Learning Faced by Different Categories of School Students of Bhopal City. P.P. Joseph /2005
4 A comparative study of peronality patterns of tribal and non tribal students . Sunil Bajpai /1997
5 A study of Teacher Attitude Towards Creative Learning and Teaching. (Hindi) Evaluated as an Examiner Smt. Neera Pandey /2000
6 A Study of the Relationship of Job Satisfaction of General & SC/ST Teachers. with refference Adjustment & Educational Environment. (Hindi) Evaluated as an Examiner Smt. Neelam Sharma /1998-99
7 Development of a Framework of Guidance and Counselling for the Parents of the Children with Special Needs Evaluated this Ph.D. Thesis as an External Examiner Ajaya Kumar Penthoi /2005
S.No. Dissertation Topics (M.Ed.) Researcher / Year
1 A Comparative Study of Self Evaluation and Development skills Among First Generation Learners And Others Sunita Awasthi /1988-89
2 Development of Self Learning Text Material in Biology and Study Its Effectiveness on the low Scorers of IX Class Vineet Singh Chouhan /1990-91
3 A Study Environmental Awareness And Role Imagination of School And College Students With Regard to Their Socio-Economic Status in Rewa Division. Pushpendra Kumar /1994-95
4 A Study of The Level Of Achievement of 5th Grade Students of Tribal And Non-Tribal Areas In Some Selected Competencies of Environmental Studies Roopam Jain /1996-97
5 A study of the relative effectiveness of the programmed learning method and conventional method in the teaching of science for students of Class VII Anjana Bhadoria /1998-99
6 Case Study of Anganwadi Functioning in Tribal Block Meena Barse /2000-01
7 A Study of Self Evaluation Skill and Scholastic Achievement Among VIII Class Students Sarita Pragya /2003-04
8 To study the effectiveness of instructional material (Science) on Environmental awareness of VIII Standard Students Fariha Jamal /2008-09
9 Case Study of teacher effectiveness in the context of job satisfaction of parateachers (vidyasahayaks) in Gujrat State. Chandresh H. Rathore /2004-05
10 A study of relationship of Blood Group ABO Rhesus positive factor system with personality. (Hindi) Sandhya Rajawat /1989-90
11 Effect of self learning material on commerce group students at +2 level. (Hindi) Sunil Bajpai /1991-92
12 A comparative study between slides commentary method and lecture method on awareness about population education among DIET trainees. (Hindi) Meena Baise /1992-93
13 Study of norms related to minimum level of learning in environmental studies among primary level tribal students. (Hindi) Shivkumar Tripathi /1993-94
14 Comparative study of vocational knowledge, SES and academic achievement between boys and girls of commerce group at +2 level of class 6th students. (Hindi) Omprakash G. Sonkusle /1994-95
15 Study of learning difficulties in Hindi language and their remedial suggestions. (Hindi) Amita Singh /1999-2000
16 Study of qualitative improvement in primary education through primary teacher training programme conducted by DIET Bhopal. (Hindi) Seema Kulshreshtha /2002-03
17 A study of the Teacher Training Programme of DIET’s of Gujarat with reference to Centrally Sponsered Scheme. (Hindi) Dharmendra V. /2003-04
18 A study of the needs of Para Teachers of M.P. State (Hindi) Aradhna Tripathi /2004-05
19 Study of educational facilities, activities and achievement of government and aided middle level ashram schools. (Hindi) Sanjay Ku. Parihar /2005-06
20 Study of special school of Junaghad District with reference to Integrated Education. (Hindi) Hasmukh Kathiriya /2006-07
21 Comparative study of child and general students with reference to mental ability and labour vocational interest. (Hindi) Jyoti Khandare /2006-07
22 Study the relation of birth order, academic achievement and adjustment of students. (Hindi) Shinde Baliram /2007-08
23 To studythe effect of anxiety on academic achievement of class 8th students. (Hindi) Jamdare Ganesh Dilip /2007-08
24 To study the effect of Job satisfaction of primary school teacher on their teaching learning process. (Hindi) Vankar Haresh kumar /2008-09

My Interests




Dr. S.K. Gupta Coordinator IDGC 2010 Organized Career Conference in DM School with IDGC Students Venue at RIE Bhhopal & NCERT

Orientation of School Teachers of Kargil Collaboration with Army Education Core & NCERT

Dr. S.K. Gupta Coordinator IDGC Organized Career Conference in DM School & Model H.S. School T.T. Nagar Bhopal with IDGC Students

Flex Chart Prepared by IDGC Students Guided by Dr. S. K. Gupta

My Projects & Contribution of Papers in National Conferences

Nursery Teachers Training Program

IDGC Report

Material Development and Training of KRPs of Gujarat State in Identification of Learning Disabilities at Primary Level and Suggest Remedial Measures PAC PROGRAMME

National Seminar on Total Quality Management in Education (TQME) at IASE University Sardar Shahr.


Role of Teacher Educators in revitalizing Pre and In service Teacher Training programmes

State Level Conference on Rural Education: Perspective & Problems held at JLN Smriti College, Ganjbasoda in Dec. 2009

[Contributed as a Resource Person in National Seminar on Education to Check Cruelties on Women at NES College of Education, Hoshangabad in Nov. 2009]

[Special Orientation of primary teachers in collaboration with SMART-PT (Maharashtra) - monitoring & evaluation done during may-aug 2002]

[Special orientation course for PGTs Navodaya Vidhyalaya Samiti held at RIE, Bhopal (22 May to 11 June, 2000).]

[Life Member of -] [1. All India Association for Educational Research (AIAER)] [2. Indian National Portage Association (INPA) Chandigarh.] [3. National Association for the Blind, Bhopal]

My Sandbox

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My Reflection

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