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Contact-new.svg Doreen Rukaria
Employer:Kenya Community Network (KCOMNET)
Occupation:National Program Coordinator
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Welcome Doreen!

About Me

I am the National Programs Coordinator for the Kenya Community Network (KCOMNET).

KCOMNET has been in the forefront in the promotion of community media in Kenya. Through lobbying and advocacy by Kcomnet, community media has been recognized as a third sector of broadcasting in the country. We currently have 6 established community radio stations and hope to have more in the near future.

KCOMNET's main objective is to empower the communities to own their development agenda and be able to address the same through media. We hope to achieve this through constant networking and sharing of ideas with like-minded people as in our growing Community of Practice.

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I hope to learn alot through wikieducator Yahoo! You're learning now!

Community Media Community of Practice

(Comment.gif: Hi Doreen, I really enjoy our discussions in the Cmty Media group! Thanks for sharing and look forward to learning more from you!--Gurmit 19:45, 12 February 2009 (UTC))