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What is an OER

Link to OER Foundation FAQ on OERs

OER Foundation

What is the OER Foundation

What is Wikieducator

OER Foundation Strategy

Open Education Resources

OER Funding Game Changer

Publishers response

Why is OER so Important

UK roundtable - JISC

Article on Authentic Learning for the 21st Century

Benefits of OER

Benefits of Open access to your institution JISC UK

How will students in your institution benefit from OER?

What is Otago Polytechnic Doing

Internal examples

Otago Polytechnic Projects

Otago Polytechnic YouTube Hort

Otago Polytechnic School of Hospitality

External Examples

Learning for content workshops

Existing Free Textbooks

Please, add unlisted FT projects here

Creating an OER

Turning a Resource into an Open Educational Resource (OER)

Creating an OER textbook

Examples and links of OERs

OER Commons

Creative Commons wiki what is OER

New Zealand Governments Position

Educause Conference Session on OER

Link to what is Open Access

Creative Commons

Open Access UK Initiative

Higher Education Academy UK

Open Education Projects

Open University (UK) Open Content Initiative

Example Essay and Report Writing Skills

Forth Road Bridge Engineering example

Introduction to structural integrity

Maths and Stats examples

Rice University Connexions OER

University of California example on environmental science
How to read a Scientific report with an engineering example
Chicken coup measurement exercise

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative


Furniture making MIT

Otago Polytechnic Projects

Otago Polytechnic YouTube

Otago Polytechnic School of Hospitality

YouTube and Creative Commons

Repositories and commons

National Repository of Online Courses

OER Commons

Image commons

Public library of science


Chemistry portal on Wikepedia

Wikieducator Simple maths tutorial on whole numbers

Health Education Assets Library

The Health Education Assets Library (HEAL) is a digital library that provides freely accessible digital teaching resources of the highest quality that meet the needs of today's health sciences educators and learners. The collection includes a variety of learning objects, such as digital images, videos, animations, presentations, lectures, virtual patients, tutorials, cases, and quizzes. Users have access to the HEAL Reviewed Collection, resources that have undergone a formal review process by our editorial board, and Affiliate Collections, resources from partner digital libraries which have been subjected to their own quality assurance processes.

Directory of Open Access Journals Examples

Many Books

Open textbook on Fluid Mechanics

Open access resources on nursing

Khan Academy Videos

Open Learning repositories

Academic Earth