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Who we are

Otago Polytechnic provides quality skills for quality careers in Dunedin and the wider Otago region in New Zealand. We are sharing a leadership role with open content collaborators around the world to implement a quantum shift for sustainable education on multiple fronts using open education approaches. Otago Polytechnic:

(See also: Otago Polytechnic on Wikipedia.)


What we do on WikiEducator

Otago Polytechnic uses WikiEducator as an OER hub for:
  • Collaborating on the development of OERs for our courses;
  • Hosting selected wiki-based courses which are delivered using WikiEducator.
  • Professional academic development and wiki-training for our staff and students.
  • Nurturing the development of a thriving community of OER practitioners.
  • Collaborative development of proposals for research and grant funding.
  • International networking with educators and educational institutions around the world.


OER news

Otago Polytechnic launches a new portal page on WikiEducator for co-coordinating OER activities at the Polytechnic.
The Director of Otago Polytechnic's International Centre for Open Education joins the inaugural Advisory Panel of Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand.
Creative Commons (International) publishes an interview with Wayne Mackintosh from Otago Polytechnic on open education and policy
Otago Polytechnic celebrates the launch of the OER Foundation. This international non-profit is headquartered out of Otago and hosted by Otago Polytechnic.


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