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Welcome to Randy Fisher's Masters Project I page

MA, Organization Management & Development, Fielding Graduate University, California (April 2009)

Randy Fisher aka Wikirandy

Research Problem

  • Obtaining content for an open source educational project (i.e., WikiEducator - there would not be a project if there was no content)


In my role as Community Builder, how could I be more effective?

Survey process

  • what if I knew my audience more - their interests, preferences, culture, mode of communication, learning style, etc

Plan (Outline)

Questions from "The Craft of Research", 2nd edition, by Wayne C.,Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, University of Chicago Press, 2003 (pp. 46-48)


  • relative to the field of inquiry
  • relative to the business / organizational development world
  • who, what, why, where, when, how

Identify the Parts and How they Interrelate

  • What are the parts of my topic, and how do they relate to one another?
  • How is my topic part of a larger system?

Trace Its Own History and Its Role in a Larger History

  • How and why has my topic changed through time, as something with its own history
Would this topic have existed in traditional communities?
How would it have been dealt with - ignored, suppressed, or resources allocated?
  • How and why is my topic an episode in a larger history

Identify Its Characteristics and the Categories that Include It

  • What kind of thing is my topic?
  • What is its range of variation
  • How are instances of it similar to, and different from one another
  • To what larger categories can my topic be assigned? How does that help others understand it?

Determine Its Value

  • What values does my topic reflect? What values does it support? Contradict?
  • How good or bad is my topic? Is it useful?