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Welcome to Randy Fisher's Masters Project I page

MA, Organization Management & Development, Fielding Graduate University, California (April 2009)

What is your project title?

Primal Needs Gone Digital: Educators' Motivation in Collaborative Wiki Spaces (by Randy Fisher)

What is your problem-solving intervention?

A revised 5-day wiki skills workshop incorporate direct feedback on the wiki and enhanced facilitator support.


Educators from learning organizations are drawn to WikiEducator for three reasons: (1) achievement; (2) power; and/ or (3) affiliation.

How do you plan to measure success?

  • Number of user accounts registered on WikiEducator
  • Rate of conversion from new users to active contributors on WikiEducator
  • Number, diversity and growth of active contributors on WikiEducator

What are some real world examples?

New users experience greater confidence and comfort when using wiki skills.

Otago Polytechnic's faculty embrace using WikiEducator to create open educational resources.

What's your basic research design?

Content analysis and unobtrusive measures.

Name at least one contingency of success

  • Users' willingness to suspend their judgment of their initial wiki skills performance
  • Educational institutions recognize that the wiki experience is to be welcomed, not feared.

What's your message, beyond what's obvious?

  • Educators' motivation and roles evolve in a dynamic wiki environment.
  • Different (cultural) experiences in the wiki may create resistance for adopting educational institutions
  • WikiEducators are motivated needs for Power and Achievement, in the context of an affiliative environment

What key sources are you drawing on?

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