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Randy Fisher's Masters Project II

MA, Organization Management and Development, Fielding Graduate University, California (April 2009)

Randy Fisher aka Wikirandy


Check out these Resources

MP Paper


  • Also: Core Group Theory of Power & Motivation (Kleiner, 2003)
  • Skype Chat, March 11:

Sundar: funny - jimmy just called me. i'm on the phone with him right now. so something in the universe is responding :)

Sent at 8:56 AM on Wednesday
me:  it probably always has......

it's just that people weren't 'wired to hear it..

Other Thoughts

  • Magic Number of 5 (Clustering)
  • Scenario Planning
    • MLL - system, individual levels
  • trust
  • Power, motivation, leadership, power as a form of energy
  • trust
  • transformation @ the edge of chaos

Evaluation & Reflection