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my interest is reading books writing books both tamil and englglish for all levels of higer education rekaran

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my personal interest is cleaning the untouablity of humanbeing ' watching tv; i want to help the illertaert people '

about tamilnadu indian education

Feedback and notes from my WikiNeighbours

  • Dear Rajasekharan, Welcome to WikiEducator again. You have made a good start but now that you are part of our Wiki family, know that you have joined over 15,500 educators around the world. You have now access to a lot of shared knowledge which you can use towards building your projects in open education. Good to have you with us. Feel free to ask questions where you need to. We are here to help you. Warm wishes--Patricia Schlicht 02:19, 26 August 2010 (UTC)

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  • The WikiEducator "Inspiring to become an Agent of Change" Online Workshop Learning4Content wiki skills workshop - 25 August to 8 September, 2010.
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