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'       concept of development in indianeducation'


the oxford dictionary thus describes development to bring out what is latent and to make it active .in others words; development is a chemical, innovative change which leads to the formation of a new compound quite differt from the mixture of its original ingredients. In this Unit , we will discuss the concept of development and emering sustainable development for 21 st Century.

[[Objective| After Completing this Unit , you will be able

  1. to discussthe concept of development
  2. to discussthe emerging sustaninable development for 21st Century
  3. to differentiate the gandhian concept of village republic and industial village and solar age culture
  4. to describe the wastage stagnation reduced
  5. to explain the operationalisation of sustainable development India
  6. t o discuss the hurdles and impertives}}

Concept of Development

The development involv es a qualitative change as well. The development its multi-dimensional character, As Cairneoss1962 puts  it.