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Employer:Tamil Nadu Open University
Other roles:Instructional/Graphic Designer
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My Profile

Hai Iam Nivetha.Iam Working In Tamil Nadu Open University

Professional backround

Junior Consultant School Of Continuing Education


D.T.Ed From sembodai R.V.Teacher Training Institute

My Interests

My Hobbies Are Reading Books Watching Tv Hearing Songs

Native Place

Ootiyani, Now Iam In Chennai

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I as a junior cunsultant joined Tamil Nadu Open University on 6th january, 2010in School of Continuing Education. From day one of my work I used to edit and proof read books pertaining 10th standard&12th std books

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  1. To know about what is Vocational Programmes
  2. Aims of Vocational Education
  3. List of Programmes on Offer


In India the need the the skilled workers/ labourers are in great rise and the ITI'S and and Vocational Training Istitutes could not meet out the required demand. to fill in the gap that exists between the demand and supply of skilled workers Tamil Nadu Open University initiated the Vocational Education Programmes from the year 2004. the main aim was to train the untrained / uncertified workers in the respective field of work and also to uplift and train the downtrodden and rural youth.


  1. Diploma in DTP OPerator
  2. Diploma in Four Wheeler Mechanism
  3. Diploma in Refregiration & Air Conditioning Technician
  4. Diploma in Plumbing Technician
  5. Diploma in House Electrician
  6. Diploma in Catering Assistant
  7. Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education
  8. Diploma in Health Assistant
  9. Diploma in Fashion Design & Garment Making
  10. Diploma in Beautician
  11. Diploma in Animation
  12. Diploma in Multimedia
  13. Diploma in Computer Hardware Servicing
  14. Diploma in Home Appliance Repair & Servicing
  15. Diploma in Computer Applications
  16. Diploma in Mobile Phone Repair & Servicing
  17. Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Designing
  18. Advanced Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Designing
  19. B.Sc. Apparel & Fashion Designing

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In this section you might have got an idea about:

  • what is Vocational Programmes*
  • Aims of Vocational Education*
  • List of Programmes on Offer*

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