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Contact-new.svg Paul Tauriki
Website:Solomon Islands SchoolNet
Employer:Distance Learning Centres Project
Occupation:Supervisor, Guguha DLC
Nationality:Solomon Islands
Country:Solomon Islands
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My sandbox


This is my contribution for the L4C1 Workshop Teaching_Resources

This is my contribution for the eL4C6 online workshop Logarithm Table

This is my Resume

Requirements for submitting an expression of interest

A prospective L4C facilitator must:

  • Complete their user page in WikiEducator demonstrating that they have mastered all the skills required to teach Newbies up to the level of Wikibuddy in our skills typology.
  • Compile a 2 page resume and upload this as a file linked from their respective user page providing:
    • Contact details
    • Country of residence
    • Citizenship
    • Current position
    • Educational qualifications
    • Summary of work experience / career history
    • Details of facilitation and/or teaching experience
    • Evidence of Mediawiki editing skills, for example links to pages created in WikiEducator or other Mediawiki sites.
    • Short paragraph motivating why you are submitting an expression of interest for the L4C initiative.
  • For prospective face-to-face workshop facilitators:
    • A signed letter in pdf format from a senior manager from the host institution confirming access to a computer laboratory for a 2 to 3 day workshop for at least 15 WikiEducators who wish to receive free training in wiki skills. This letter must be uploaded WikiEducator with a link from the applicant's user page.
    • A brief description of the participants the facilitator aims to recruit for the workshop.
  • In the case of a prospective online workshop facilitator:
    • Evidence of co-facilitating a WikiEducator online workshop or similar workshop in teaching Mediawiki editing skills.
  • Applicants must comply with the bounty contest rules