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Monday Practice

Bolding and Italicing Texts

This is to practise text bolding and italics using the two methods.

You can bold text by highlighting the text and clicking on B above. The other way to bold text is to use the Wiki syntax i.e. to write three apostrophes at beginning and end of text to be bolded.

You can do the similar method for italics. The first is to highlight text and then click on I above. The second method is to write using two apostrophes at beginning and end of text to be italised.

Bullet and Numbered List

To create a Bullet list insert an asterisk character (*) in front of the list, and for Numbered list insert a hash character (#) before the list


Solomon Islands comprises of 6 main islands:-

  1. Choiseul
  2. Isabel
  3. New Georgia
  4. Malaita
  5. Guadalcanal
  6. Makira

The country has two marked seasons:-

  • Dry season
    • July - October
  • Wet season
    • November - June

Creating Internal and External Links

The syntax of an External Linking is to enclose the link such as More on Solomon Islands in square brackets and that of the Internal Linking is to enclose the link such as User:Leeming/My_sandbox|Photos and other resources with two square brackets

Click on the two external links below to read about Solomon Islands .....

Culture of Solomon Islands

More on Solomon Islands

Click on the three internal links below .....

User:_Tebania/A Note From A Friend/

Internal Linking to Tebania's Userpage

Photos and other resources

Practising Creating New Pages

Guguha DLC

Tuesday Practice

New page test


New Page

My Father

My Father

Link to existing page


David's user page


Participants of L4C1 workshop This is the SchoolNet website

This is the SchoolNet website [1]

This is the SchoolNet website Click here

Uploading Images

To upload an image use the following syntax:

Double Opening Sq Brackets Image:name.jpg|type|location|size|caption Double Closing Sq Brackets where Type: thumb or frame and Location: left centre right and Size: 160px, 300px, etc (note px stand for pixels) and Caption: whatever (you can use as a link)

L4C1 Bernard.jpg
Learning4Content Workshop You can ride on my back

Creating external links

  Hello testing
  Thus is a text box

Linking to the Caption

In the image below, the caption is used to load an internal link.

Using Templates

By using double curly brackets you can invoke pedagogic templates (or iDevices) loading.

Icon objectives.jpg
  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2

Icon activity.jpg

This is the instructional parts to he activities below.

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2

(Comment.gif: Hi Paul -- you're a wiki natural. You should think about becoming a WE trainer! --Wayne Mackintosh 06:23, 19 February 2008 (UTC))