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Created by Paul Tauriki, Supervisor of Guguha DLC, Isabel Province, Solomon Islands. User:Ptauriki

(especially for Maths and Arts Classes)

These are some of the templates which are usually needed in the rural areas. For example when Grid books run out then you just print out one blank grid page and then photocopy to fit the number of students who needs it.

The second and third templates will be used to teach students how to draw 3-dimensional pictures: the former are lines drawn at 45 degrees angles and the later at 30 degrees.

The templates are set up to be printed in Landscape but the user can choose the alignment of the printed template whether to use it in Portrait or Landscape mode.

Click on any of the followings, open it and print it out:

  1. View gridlines (horizontal/vertical) in PDF format
  2. View gridlines with 45 degrees in PDF format
  3. View gridlines with 30 degrees in PDF format