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Prabir Biswas

I am a simple person
Anybody can give me advice to upgrade this page. Your advice is always welcome.

KI NAM Debo.jpg About Me

My name is Prabir Biswas. I work in Non Gout. Organigatin Rupantar as Program coordinator. My another working area is daily news paper `Daily Jonmobhumi' as staff repoter.

Contact-new.svg Prabir Biswas
Other roles:Jarnalist, Daily Jonmobhumi (Daily local news paper, Khulna)
Flag of Bangladesh.jpg
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Expertise.pngMy areas of expertise

Abiword abi.pngJournalism:

Sbbutton.gif Staff Reporter and Senior Staff Reporter, The Daily Jonmobhumi, 2001-

Rupantar.jpg NGO Work:

Butterfly.gif Cultural Performer, Rupantar, 1996-1999
Butterfly.gif Program Organizer and Team leader, Rupantar, 1999-2001
Butterfly.gif Asst. Program Officer and Project Manager, Rupantar 2001-2003
Butterfly.gif Program Officer and RIFT Incharge, Rupantar 2003-2008
Butterfly.gif Program Coordinator, (Chield Rights Program) Rupantar 2008-Till Now

IMG 3554-khulna.jpg Training received:


Edu03.gif Training provided:

Organization Duration For Whom Number of Participants How many Groups Subject

IMG 4043.jpg Social Work

Button4.gif Advisor, Durgapur Unyon Samiti


Correct.png Father’s Name: Kalipada Biswas
Correct.png Mother’s Name:
Correct.png Date of Birth: 20th August 1977
Correct.png Religion: Hindu
Correct.png Marital Status: Married
Correct.png Permanent Add: Village: 'Durgapur. Post: Mollatentulia, District: Gopalgonj. Bangladesh.
Correct.png Nationality: Bangladeshi by birth.

Book signed.gif My Publications

  • Jonoprotinidhira Grameen Narider Kotha Kototuku Vaben?| থিয়েটার শিক্ষণ বুনিয়াদি শিক্ষা হিসেবে চালু হোয়া উচিৎ Author

Some my Article in Bangla

Participants of L4C60 Workshop

My Sandbox Page

my Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery of L4C60 Workshop


Certificate green.svg My Role as a WikiEducator

As A Wikibuddy

May, 2009. Attend L4C 60 and Collaborative OER Development Workshop conducted in Khulna, Bangladesh in association with RUPANTAR
May 2009. Wikibuddy. Thank you Anil Dada. (Oh yes, this is a very significant milestone for me)
May 2009. Start WikiEducator Bangladesh Chapter Working Group as Convener
June 2009 WikiNeighbour... this means visiting stars and talk with them :)
June 2009 WikiAmbassador ... This means I Want To Go Forward with W I K I

Flag of Bangladesh.jpg

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Convening Committee
Bangladesh Chapter
Working Group

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Globe 00000.png My Role as a WikiAmbassador

Now I am developing Bangladesh, Bangladesh Community Radio, Chapter Working Group and Open and Distance Learning page for WikiEducator.

1242986005.gif I also try to developing my personal page with various learning materials.

IN wikieducator Bangladesh Page I use Bangla for large number of Bangali readers Please visit Bangladesh Page.

1242986005.gif I also arrange orientation for WikiEducator.

I am helping to develop my friends personal pages.

Dennis new.GIF I am trying to develop Bangla Handout for L4C training Workshop with the help of my WIKI friends.
Dennis new.GIF Everyday I upload some important news in Bangladesh Chaptar Working Group Page

Bangladesh map.jpg About Bangladesh, my country

  • Official Name: People's Republic of Bangladesh
  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Ethnicity: Bengali 98%; tribal groups and non-Bengali Muslims 2%
  • Population: Approximately 154 million (est.)
  • Density: 1,146 (per sq Km)
  • Land Area: 133,911 sq Km
  • Population Growth Rate: 1.9%
  • Birth Rate: 28.8/1000
  • Unemployment: 2.5%
  • Life Expectancy: 63.5 years (male and female)
  • Religions: Muslim 88%; Hindu 11%; Christian, Buddhist, others 1%
  • Official Language: Bangla
  • Year of Independence: 1971 (from Pakistan)
  • Type of Government: Parliamentary Democracy
  • GNP Per Capita: $440
  • Annual Real Growth Rate of GDP: 6.3%
  • GDP Composition by Sector: Agriculture - 21%, Industry - 27%, Services - 52%
  • Adult Literacy: 41%, Male - 52%, Female - 29%

9th Parliament MP List

About Bangladesh Details

Map khulna.jpg About Khulna, Where I live

  • Khulna District with an area of 4394.46 sq km, is bounded by Jessore and Narail districts on the north, The Bay of Bengal on the south, Bagerhat district on the east, Satkhira district on the west.
  • Annual average temperature is 35.5°C and lowest 12.5°C;
  • Annual rainfall is 1710 mm.
  • The main rivers are Rupsa, Pasur, Bhairab, Shibsha, Dharla, Bhadra, Ball, and Kobadak.
  • Forest: The Sundarbans (166814 hectares).
  • Khulna (Town) consists of 31 wards and 183 mahallas. The area of the town is 17.62 sq Mile. It has a population of 1227239; male 52.79%, female 47.21%; density of population is 59574 sq km. The literacy rate among the town people is 59.1%.
  • Administration Khulna district was established on 1882. It consists of 9 upazilas and 5 thanas, 71 union parishads, 2 municipalities, 47 wards, 188 mahallas, 747 mouzas and 1106 villages. The upazilas are batiaghata, dacope, dumuria, dighalia, koyra, paikgachha, phultala, rupsa, terokhada; tahans are khalishpur, khan jahan ali, kotwali, daulatpur, sonadanga.
  • Historical events: 16 December of 1971, Independent Bangladesh was established but Khulna was under the control of Pakistan Army. Next on 17 December as the Pakistani Army surrendered in the Circuit House ground then Khulna got her Independence.
  • Pir Khan Jahan Ali came to preach Islam in this district about 400 years ago.
  • In 1926 Mahatma Gandhi came to Khalishpur to inspire the Swadeshi Movement.
  • Marks of War of Liberation Sculpture 1 (Bir Bangali), Monument 5, Mass grave 3.
  • Religious institutions Mosque 1500, Tomb 4, Temple 646, Church 22, Place of pilgrimage 3, Monastery 1.
  • Population 2334285; male 51.87%, female 48.13%; Muslim 73.49%, Hindu 25.74%, Christian 0.67%, Buddhist 0.04%, and Others 0.06%.
  • Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 43.9%; male 52.2%, female 34.6%.
  • Educational institutions: university 2, university college 2, medical college 1, teacher's training college 1, regional public administration training institute 1, polytechnic institute 1, vocational institute 1, homeopathic college 1, social welfare training centre 1, madrasa 205, government college 5, non-government college 42, government. secondary school 9, non-government secondary school 248, lower secondary school 107, government primary school 625, non-government primary school 79, community primary school 34, satellite primary school 63, NGO operated school 199, primary teacher's institution 1.
  • Newspapers and periodicals Dailies: Purbanchal, Tribiun, Janmobhumi, Probaho,Prabartan, Jahanabad, Anirban, Tathya, Rajpather Dabi, Weeklies: Sera Khabor, Khulna, Rupsa, Padoddhoni, Chhayapath, Ganobani; Periodicals: Purushottomadyuti, Shikar, Padatik. Extinct Periodicals: Agami, Ityadi, Deshkal.
  • Cultural organisations Club 345, public library 5, museum 1 (Khulna Divisional Archaeological Museum), drama stage 5, cinema hall 21, theatre group 100, magic organisation 3, literary society 15, cultural organisation 20.
  • Main occupations Agriculture 25.11%, fishing 1.66%, agricultural labourer 11.3%, wage labourer 7.15%, industry 16.38%, transport 4.09%, constructions 1.53%, service 18.93%, others 12.22%.
  • Main crops Paddy, jute, sesame, Coconut, betel nut, and vegetable.
  • Extinct and nearly extinct crops Sesame.
  • Main fruits Jackfruit, mango, banana.
  • Fisheries, dairies, and poultries Chingri Gher 3,409, dairy 498, poultry 447, hatchery 348.
  • Communication facilities Railway 36 km, pucca road 400 km, semi pucca 350 km, mud roads 3575 km; waterways 470 nautical mile.
  • Traditional transport Palanquin (extinct), horse carriage and bullock cart (nearly extinct), and boats.
  • Manufactories Paper mill, hard board mill, textile mill, match factory, shipyard, steel mill, cable mill, rice mill, flour mill, ice factory, press mill, saw mill etc.
  • Cottage industries Handloom, bamboo work, goldsmith, potteries, carpenter, tailoring.
  • Main exports Paddy, rice, jute, sesame, betel nut, gur, mango, jackfruit, prawn.
  • NGO activities: brac, Rupantar, Nabolok, CSS, Prodipan, nijera kari, asa, caritas, Proshika, Progoti.
  • Health centres Medical college hospital 1, district sadar hospital 1, upazila health complex 9, TB hospital 1, infectious disease hospital 1, christian missionary hospital 1, salvation army (NGO) hospital 1, chest disease niramoy centre 1, railway hospital at kopilmuni 1, jail hospital 1, police hospital 1.

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(text extracted from Pilot Projects page)

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Web Resources

Some of my favourite links are as follows:

On demand video
Social Bookmarking
Simple Technology Training
Presentation Sharing

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Saturday, September 5, 2009
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EL4C31 WiZiQ Meeting
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Saturday, October 24, 2009
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Today is : 29, May 2024

Notes from my WikiNeighbours

  • Hello Halim, your page is impressive! Cheers from your Wikineighbour. --Gladys Gahona 14:17, 30 June 2009
  • Hi Halim,Thx a lot for your nice words of appreciation.--Yanubha 14:07, 3 July 2009 (UTC).
  • Excellent page, Halim. --Nellie Deutsch 13:02, 3 July 2009 (UTC)
  • Thank you, Halim for adding the Ambassador template to my user page. I am really impressed with your user page.--Patricia 16:30, 9 July 2009 (UTC)
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Thank you for visiting my WikiEducator Page. Every Blessing
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