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Contact-new.svg Ontumetse Marokane
Employer:Ministry of Education
Occupation:Principal Education Officer
Other roles:Artist, Musician
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My name is Ontumetse Prince Marokane born in the town of Molepolole in Botswana some years ago. Im a passionate Gospel musician who writes all sorts of gospel music,does voice training, plays a keyboards and choir management as well. I have been an art teacher for 15 years and Im a fine artist who uses all sorts of media for painting ie Oil Painting Acrylic Painting, water colour painting,encaustic art, and pastels works . Also im a very passionate graphic designer.

Currently working for ministry of education as Principal Education Officer for Media and Evaluation. This job includes above all overseing Computer studies and Computer awareness subjects, Designing and Formating of support materials done for printing for all schools levels this includes syllabuses and teachers guides (Preprimary, primary and Secondary School and distribution of all educational materials and also a steward of IT related materials and Equipment.

My passions also include writting though still to publish.

As an educationalist and Artist i will be willing to share with other educationalits and artists all over the world.


For a long time the radio waves in Botswana were over growded with melodies from else where, the nation yearned for its own, the church walls screamed for locally produced melody.

It all happened in the yaer 1996 when some [Batswana] begain to heed the call. Some of the gospelvoice that had previously been heard on radio took to the Recording studios in South Africa and did something for the nation. Some of these musicians include : Isaac Blesskit, Bafana Pheto, Mmereke Marakakgoro, the Saints. With pride Batswana and zeal [Batswana] embraced the new Gospel trends. The music recorded sounded good and original even though some accepted it with some reservations. It wasn't long before a lot of other young gospel artists followed suit but they didnt put more efforts to quality and marketing. The music produced started to flactuate in quality some good some still raw and this wasnt helped by some recording studios that were only interested in making quick money paying little attention to quality.

Within a short period of time the gospel music industry in Botswana stated to seriously decline and even the good music done by other gospel musicians got drowned and bearly saw the light of the day People began to choose common names rather than the good music. Today we still hear many young gospel musicians still recording albums coping styles of established musicians, some unaware but busy advertising already prominent Gospel Musicians like Rebbeca Malope by singing like her and even perfoming like her.

The [Botswana] market also been small because of its population is now over flooded by new trends of music like Hiphop, Kwaito, Rumba etc and this have diverted many possible clients from buying gospel music who now prefer music styles of the day.


Due to international trends of doing Praise and worship music( which the most popular this days in the churches) and other trends of music, Botswana has got the fire and many churches have now started to take music serious by introducing fully fleshed church bands and even employing full time professional musicians, a few msians are now trying life recrding. This practice in a way is helping a lot in building strong gospel music trends.

The dream is if the young generation of gospel musicians can cash the fire and take music serious, then the rare rythms of Botswana gospel music will be heard and recognised. This is so considering that guys like [Prince Marokane] and others are keen on original music and also considering that we now have good recording studios like Chankieland Music and Arts.etc.

If the up coming musicians can see the value of working together and collaborate in projects it will be possible and easier for the public to take them serious.

As the government is making efforts to encourage localisation the gospel musicians and the their followers must do more to fully utilise this oppurtunity that comes once in a life time.

I hope we shall see a change even as the society changes and verything around us falls apart. Thank you and God bless

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Think about a time when all the upcoming musicianas will be more focused and fully knowledgable of the music genre they choose, when all the gospel artists will be aware and really upfront in the music they produce. When all societies will appreciate the kind of songs sung because they can truly relate well with them.


Template:Objectives: Understand what gospel music is, Be able to research the origins of Music genres, Be open minded to the changed affection the style of music composed and played


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