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Wiki Workshop 2008
Wiki Workshop, 11-13 March, 2008

Indeed Good Friends care for each other. Good Friends understand each other. And True Friends stay forever beyond words, beyond time and beyond distance

Receive praise with reticence...that is called HUMILITY. Help those with more difficulties than you...that is called COMPASSION. Work with happiness... that is called ENTHUSIASM. Understand that not everybody is at your level... that is called TOLERANCE. Give to everybody the best of yourself...that is called SINCERITY. Trust that everything will be okay...that is called FAITH!

My profile

My name is Miss Nieves Celmar but you can always call me 'Yvette'. I am from the Philippines but has been working in Papua New Guinea as a Secondary School Teacher.

My interests

I'm interested in:

  • gardening
  • cooking!
  • sewing

My work

  • Curriculum Officer-Science
  • Coordinator-Matriculation Curriculum

My contact particulars