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My contribution to OERs from L4C3


About me


I am Cleofe Dagale from the Philippines presently working in PNG as a curriculum writer. I used to teach in the Philippines before I came to Papua New Guinea to work. I am married with one child who is also a teacher. My family now resides in Papua New Guinea because of our work.

Papua New Guinea is a beautiful country with diverse cultures and tradition and I am glad to be working here especially working with Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE).


Name and contact Details

Cleofe Dagale
PO Box 413
Waigani, NCD
Papua New Guinea

My Community

I come from a densely populated community "Manila" in the Philippines where people don't seem to sleep and traffic is very heavy.This is a very busy community. In a third world country like mine where Education is the first priority, espcially in the urban areas, where classrooms and teachers are not enough (and I left to take a job overseas)

My Work

I work as a curiculum writer for Flexible Open and distance Education. FODE is a distance school which gives an alternative pathway to education for students who can not make it in the formal system. Affiliated with Papua New Guinea Association of distance Education we at times receive trainings on new trends in distance education. FODE courses are done through correspondence for we lack the technolgy. I want to gain skills in writing Outcomes Based Education Courses. The wikieducator is the best thing that could happen to the studnets of FODE. It would time and cost effective and I think the wikieducator is a very good alternative pathway for them to go.


It is an ambitious dream for my students and the whole of papua New Guinea as our clients are all over PNG. I want to collaborate with my co writers in order to produce better materials.


Having a school of my own, write my own book, travel and see places are a few of my ambitions in life. My computer skills are not yet that advanced. I still have a lot to learn. I can teach someone to do simple graphics and how to use the internet but I want to learn how to create my own web page.