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Contact-new.svg Masaichi Yamamura
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Occupation:Prof. Biochemistry
Languages:English, Japanese
Today is: 26, February 2024
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Type here .....Name:Masaichi Yamamura living in kanagawa Japan. I am professor of Biochemistry, Tokai University. Medical School. Got PhD from London University, Chemical Pathology. Currently working on free heat, which is released from body to environment. Heat measured is converted to velocity. hobby: jogging


I'm interested in

  • The effect of velociy on living organisms. This will be one of my main topics. I am also interested in evolution.
  • Let me introduce velocity in body temperature constant animals such as mouse and human. We can walk and run in very cold weather. Is this what I am going to talk about?.

It is only a part of it. We are moving even when we are in sleeping or bedridden state, in which the body is not moving. This statement is hard to understand. It is easy to understand the movements during exercise. IIs it also easy to imagine the movements of the internal organs such as heart, lung and organs. These movement occurring within our body. My point is that internal movements can be translated into velocity. Even in bedridden condition, nutrients has to be provided and is used for the movement of at least heart and lung. Actual processes shall be hopefully presented in discussion.

My theory on biological clock & Nature of Qi

Biological clock
Nature of Qi