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Mark Osborne
Website:The Open Source School
Employer:CORE Education
Occupation:Senior Consultant
Nationality:New Zealand-Aotearoa
Country:New Zealand-Aotearoa
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Mark is a Senior Consultant for CORE Education and has been involved in eLearning at a national level for much of the last two decades and is a regular speaker throughout New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom on topics such as leadership and culture, future-focused schools, effective teacher professional development and classroom practice. At the heart of what he does is a desire to work with schools to work out what separates highly effective organisations from the rest, particularly when it comes to helping every person be the best that they can be. Implementing strengths-based leadership and helping organisations innovate are two things he’s particularly passionate about.

Prior to joining CORE, Mark was part of the foundation leadership team that developed one of New Zealand’s leading future-focused schools, Albany Senior High School. As part of that team he worked with the others to develop the culture, build capacity among staff and write the curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment systems. Mark also established the country’s first open source high school and an innovative bring your own device programme in 2009. Mark has helped dozens of schools to launch their BYOD programmes and to ensure their teaching practice is aligned to make the most of the digital age.

Mark founded Emerging Leaders Aotearoa as a vehicle to help grow leadership within the profession and now works with a network of people to turn all schools into ‘awesomeness incubators’. This team runs EduIgnite evenings around the country and a two-day unconference ‘Ignition’ once a year to foster innovation in the profession.

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(Comment.gif: Have you been in touch with David Wiley - he's in the US, setting up an open high school in Utah...Wayne can help here too. Randy Fisher 09:14, 9 October 2009 (UTC))