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Contact-new.svg Michael K. Mburu
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Occupation:Undergraduate student
Other roles:Commonwealth Youth Representative- Kenya
Languages:English, Kiswahili, Kikuyu
PO BOX 78-00219 Karuri, Kenya
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My Learning4Content course home page

My profile

"Michael K. Mburu was born in Kenya in a sleepy village of Kiambu District by the name Banana- yes, it was formerly a banana plantation. Having shooled in the same area for both primary and secondary level, Mburu joined Kenyatta University for a degree programme in ICT which was steaming hot in that period. Mburu, while in the university, got a rare opportunity of representing the youth of Kenya to the Commonwealth Youth Programme after nomination by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. He is a humble young man with a lot of love for life and positive attitude. Mburu's aspirations for the future is to be a youth minister or permanent/principal secretary for the youth to be in a strategic position to advocate for youth issues and change the country and indeed the world by harnessing the great potential of the fresh minds of the youth. He treats this IPYET training as a step towards that goal."

Professional background

"I dont want to feel intimidated while I am answering this section; given that I am sorrounded by learned facilitators and participants. Well, I am in my final year for an undergraduate (...........yes Im serious) degree in Computer Science. that means I do not have a professional qualification... maybe the certificate from this course will be my first in professional certification. Of course I will be a professional in International perspectives in youth entrepreneurship"


"Just a simple undergraduate degree holder......even not yet there to be strict."

My interests


"Surfing the internet. Google is my best tool when it comes to professional hobbies"


"Surfing the internet. Of course google would not do in this one.... you tube and yahoo would be a better guess"

My Sandbox

"Oh my... forgive my ignorance but I am not aware what sandbox is. Maybe I should have googled. Anyway, if I separate the two English words comprising of sandbox, I might get something different and I am a bit sure that that is not what it was meant to be"

My wiki projects

My optional community service (learning contract) project

100px-L4C-small.png  Agreement
By signing this optional learning contract I will try to complete my training in basic wiki editing skills to achieve the status of a Wikibuddy. In return for this free training opportunity, I will give the gift of knowledge by donating or developing at least one free content resource licensed under a CC-BY-SA or CC-BY license which can be used by myself (and others) on WikiEducator.
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Feedback and notes from my WikiNeighbours

Hi, As this workshop is nearing its end now, could you decide on developing at least one free content resource licensed under a CC-BY-SA or CC-BY license which can be used by yourself (and others) on WikiEducator? With best wishes, Ramesh Sharma 18:51, 11 February 2011 (UTC)

Dear Micheal, it is nice to see you are enriching your userpage. Keep it up. All the best, --Ramesh Sharma, PhD 16:09, 10 February 2011 (UTC)
Dear Friend, please continue with your practice on how to manipulate the placement, size and using captions for your images in your sandbox. To understand how to do it, read this Tutorial 6 on images. All the best, --Ramesh Sharma, PhD 15:44, 10 February 2011 (UTC)
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Tip: Dear Friend, we are sure you are getting into your userpages as is evident from your editcount. You are further requested to add your details to the INFOBOX which is on the top of your page. You can put your photograph there too. For those who need some guidance, here is the help link: INFOBOX EDITING HELP. with regards, --Ramesh Sharma, PhD 16:57, 3 February 2011 (UTC)

(Comment.gif: Dear Mburu, You are very welcome to this eL4C44 Online workshop. I am your facilitator and will help you in developing your page. Enjoy this workshop. If, while adding information to your page, you face any problem, please, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can leave a message on my page. You can also contact me through my email. Warm Wishes.--R C Sharma, PhD 18:00, 1 February 2011 (UTC))

  • Welcome to eL4C44 - the IPYET orientation programme. Enjoy every moment of the programme and let Ramesh, Brian, or me know if you need any assistance. Cheers!! --Victor P. K. Mensah, Your Training Coordinator
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Facilitators - eL4C44

  • IPYET OER Training Programme in Facilitating Online Learning4Content Workshop (January 31 - February 11, 2011)
The facilitators:

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My sandbox