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Contact-new.svg Mani
Occupation:Student, Zoology
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My name is Mani

I am studying at Acharya Narendra Dev College about Zoology and I am in this process at nascent stage. My birth place is Monghyr which is a small district in Bihar.Now Monghyr is reknowned as Munger.It was also the ruling area of Karn.

I am casted for very very long walks.I enjoy going through newspapers but only on those days when i am going or comming to college.whenever i find myself at my native place, i am used to take a stroll in the Ganges every morning.I hate city life in every possible sense.

Chronologicaly I have done my studies from Bareilly, Hashimara (a small village in Jalpaiguri), Ludhiana and finally countinuing at Delhi. I liked scouting when I was a kid but gradually the roof of its beleif was removed by many tits and bits.

again I am back on wiki tutorial/New Pages and Links


you are so chirpy

just harbingering

my project


India just ahead of Sub-Saharan Africa in poverty

India now is ahead of only Sub-Saharan Africa among developing countries in terms of the percentage of population below the poverty line, though it fared better than China on this account in 1990, according to the World bank.

The multilateral lender, in its recently released report 'Global Economic Prospects for 2009', said a quarter of India's population will be lilving in extreme poverty, on less than $1.25 a day, in 2015.


parks of India

Feedback and Notes from my WikiNeighbours

[[Image:L4C44.[[Media:Media:Example.ogg]]png|60px]]Hi Mani, welcome to WikiEducator! I'm your WikiNeighbour. Please let me know how I can help you. Cheers.--Gladys Gahona 12:40, 14 May 2009 (UTC)

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