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A Brief on Stem cell Culture

Growing cells in laboratory is known as cell culture.Stem cellsare extracted from ICM.These cells are transfered further transfered into a nutrient medium known as CULTURE MEDIUM. The dish is coated with a 'feeder layer', which is made up of mouse embryoni skin which is treated so that they cannot divide.It provides-

  1. a sticky surface to which cells can attach.
  2. also releases nutients in culture medium.

Scientists are searching an alternative to abort any risk associated with transfer of virus or any macromolecules from mouse cell.

After some time cells of ICM proliferate and covers whole dish, now subculturing is done. Each cycle of subculturing cell is called PASSAGE. As a result many stem cells are proliferted for any duration without differentiation.

From these pluripotent cells which are genetically normal are grown as embryonic stem cell line.

Once these are established, these are frozen and send to other laboratories for further advancements.