Adding value to core business the wiki way

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OER Foundation -- Recruitment drive

Founding members

What is a wiki? -- Demo

Using wikis for business operations, teaching and learning

Crossing the chasm -- From "sharing to learn" -- to "learning to share"

Don't spend more money --- reallocate existing resources more strategically while creating a safe space for staff to experiment, grow and succeed with OER. A capability maturity model of incremental change will contribute to a quantum shift towards sustainable education practice.

  • You can't lead from behind -- How can we lead by example at Otago Polytechnic?
    • What wiki documentation can we develop collaboratively in the wiki?
      • Eg, Developing an OER strategy and implementation plan for Otago Polytechnic
      • Others?
    • What strategic wiki projects will deliver value for our core business?
    • Collaborative professional academic development.
  • Other ideas?