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Does Linux have disadvantages?

  • First download, then burn to CD, then install youself.
  • Some (recent) hardware can cause problems (ie. Canon / Lexmarks printers, wifi, webcams, E-id readers)
  • You need to be or go on-line for informatie or to get help, where with MS-Windows you could ask your neightbour.
  • For some software there is no equivalent (yet) (ie. MS-Publisher)
  • You have tu unlearn Windows and become Linux-minded because 'Linux is NOT Windows'.


  • Open-source, free, virusfree, multi-lingual, Live-CD, stable, fast updates, much choice, for both desktop and server.
  • A 'Linux update' updates all program's on your PC.
  • Gives your 'old' PC a second life.
  • No “vendor-lock in” nor “ET-phone home”
  • Ideal rescue tool for MS-Windows crash at your neightbours ...
  • Can run next to Windows on the same PC in dual-boot.
  • Quick and full installation.