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Is Linux for me?

  • I am looking for an alternative that will cost less, with good Internet security, without virusses and spyware, so I can safely do internet banking, chat, mail, listen to music, watch video's, view and edit photo's, use skype, ...
  • I have an 'old' PC, having difficulties running XP SP3, Vista en 7, with it's 512 Mb RAM.
  • I would like to learn and maybe do something in return for the open-source community by working on certain projects.
  • I am a typical home user not needing or running professional applications.


  • I can install – possibly with the help of a Linux user – Linux (in dual-boot ?)
  • I can learn to work with Linux or follow Linux lessons (SNT)
  • I will enjoy a carefree and high performance use of my PC
  • And MS-Windows will mostly become a thing of the past